Monday, April 03, 2006

Daylight Savings Time should be banned, I say

I hate the way it screws with my head. I know, I'm an old fart. But at 8:00 PM I don't like the sun glaring into my house.

I have no need to go outside to do yard work, because it is frozen and full of dog shit. The snow is all gone, but the dog shit remains intact. It has melted and frozen up so many times already, and now it looks freeze dried. So I am waiting for that special day, when all of it is the same place of decomposition before I will scoop the poop! It's way to wet just yet. Penny lured me out around 7:00PM just because she was so tired of being indoors, but we couldn't do play time out there, it was just too wet. Plus, I am still feeling poorly, and the cold air, did not make me feel any better. So, I tossed the ball off the deck 1,876 times, and she only brought it back once. I went down and brought it back up the other 1,875 times. The game was over. She has to realize this is not a good time. You should see her feet!!... Huge mud clodhoppers!! It will be another dirty muddy spring, with mud all over my house!

I am feeling better today, and have a little more energy. I went to work, and thought I would just go in until noon. Well, you should have seen my desk! I hadn't been there since Thursday! desk was piled high with paper, mail, timesheets, invoices, expense reports, ... and every pen in my desk was stolen! Even my stapler was gone! Some of the guys were still in the office before they were going on service calls, and I lined em all up against a wall and shone a bright flashlight in there eyeballs.

Bossy me: Where are my pens Journeyman Devon? And stand up straight!!!
Devon: I think I saw Curtis take them out of your desk
Bossy me: Would that be your apprentice Curtis? the guy you kick around?
Devon: Yes, Mam.
Bossy me: Did he use my pens to fill in his timesheet?
Devon: Yes he did your honor.
Bossy me: Did you use THAT same pen to fill in your timesheet?
Devon: Yes, I think I did.
Bossy me: THEN, who took it? You sir, are the Journeyman, every action you take will be remembered by the apprentice, and whatever he learns from you will shape his career.
Devon: Well, it might have been me, but I meant no harm.
Bossy me: Harm, shmarm..You sir will have to take your position more seriously!
Devon: Quivering.."But,I don't have your stapler"...
Bossy me: Well, if you don't have it..who does, it didn't just develop feet and walk off my desk?
Devon: It's beside your phone
Bossy me: Who moved it?
Devon: You just did, when you were stapling the receipts to my expense report.
Bossy me: Good observation Devon, you just passed the test. Now get the hell out of here and take your apprentice with and go and do electrical work. Make us proud of you!!
Devon: Yes the way I think I know who took your "white out", and scotch tape!
Bossy me: Nevermind Journeyman more ass kissing..We don't want to be called a snitch, do we?
Devon: No.
Bossy me: they are, just where I left them...

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