Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Does Chocolate lower blood pressure?

I posted a draft last night, that went to blogger hell.

And, you know those are the one's that are the best, that get lost. MF's

I have been trying to post for two days, and my frustration level has gone from high to much higher, my eyes are starting to bulge out of my head. I ate chocolate today because I heard it's good for high blood pressure..other than that I don't like it. I'm still alive so it must of helped.

It seems, every fucking person in the whole wide world needs my attention between 7:30 and 8:00PM when I sit down at my computer. It's a plot. Lets see how pissed off we can get Joan. Tonight I would have liked to taken Gordon by the throat and strangled him. I should probably put my office downstairs, because I cannot take the high levels of "Larry King" blasting in my ears. And once he is bored with that it's high levels of CNN news. Today, it was the phone. OMG...We are trying to list a property we bought several years ago, and the phone just keeps on ringing. And he feels he has to tell me everything he told the person on the phone...I don't fucking care....sell the property and get it over with.

Just as I sat down for the 40th. time, and answered all the questions he had. Then he decided to delete all the messages on our call display.(100) It is a phone that is on the kitchen wall. There is a small wall pack behind it for our DSL. (our internet service) and the phone hooks up to that with some screws. It's not difficult. I had just started my post,when I heard the phone, and wall pack hit the floor in the kitchen...well for fucks sakes..what the hell is he doing now!~!! Dammit..

So, I get off my computer, AGAIN ..and see the carnage, the phone, and the DSL pack are laying on the floor. He is protesting!! I didn't do anything....I was just deleting the messages. Yes, you were my dear, but while you were doing it you pulled on the wall mount. (really hard) I know it's easy to do, and I put it all back together.

Suddenly I became someone's mother. I gave him a time out, sent to his room and then later we had supper.

I guess it's just summer, and we are just getting out of our caves, but I loved winter, when no one was bugging me. Nothing happens in winter.

Good news yesterday was. My bro stopped over. Bad news is, he is still not doing too well. My niece Lisa drove him over to our end of town to do some errands, and visited us for awhile. But he couldn't get out of the car, so we had to sit on the driveway to talk to him. He has a degenerative back problem. When he was here at Christmas he could still walk pretty good, but now it's only with a walker. Poor guy. They only stopped in for a short while, but it was so good to see him again. I was so excited when Lisa came and told me she had dad in the car. I love that jerk. He was very upbeat, he said the doc's had just prescribed some great drugs to help with the pain. Since Christmas, he has been going through pain patches, morphine, and T'3s...not much touches it. They have to be careful about addiction, so it always a fine line.

Today he is getting one of those scooter things, so he can get around again. They have put a chair lift in their house for the stair problem, so maybe after a winter of being totally isolated he can get outside and into the other parts of the house he couldn't before. Shit...I feel so sorry for bro. We were hoping that they could do an operation to correct this, but he said the doctors were not that optimistic about that anymore. But, just the fact he can be mobile again with scooter thing makes me feel better, and that his pain will be managed. He still will have to go for therapy to keep his legs active and such, but that will be a good thing. I really hope this will help him and his family. He is lucky, he has a wife and kid's who truly love him and are their to help.

Just a note: Buy a Explorer if you want to get lucky..or maybe not

I parked my truck outside of Safeway yesterday. When I came out, I saw a truck similar to mine parked beside me.

When I opened my door, the driver of the truck opened his window and said, "nice truck." I knew he was looking at "my rack"..jest kidding, I don't have one. He was really looking at my truck. DAMN. Then he got out, and started asking me questions about where I got it etc. He had just bought the same one, but it was about two years older. The best part was, he was kinda of a hippy looking guy with long curly grey hair. I flirted a bit. But after some conversation, it became clear he was only interested in my truck, so I kicked him in the groin, and left him doubled up on the pavement. It's too bad he caught me on a off day!!!

Let's see what tomorrow brings okay?

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