Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm done with wabbits

I was in Safeway after work, and I was standing behind a young good looking girl. And as I looked down, she had the word JUICY on the back of her pants. I did a few dry heaves, because I didn't want to know what was juicy behind her pants.

I backed up my cart, and went to another checkout, with a Kleenex in my mouth.

My question was, is she having her periods, does she have a venereal disease, a bad yeast infection, or is she just in heat? There is nothing I want to know about what is juicy behind her pants...nothing.

I'm thinking about getting a pair of sweats, and have "there is nothing under here" embroidered, or cross stitched over my ass. Cross stitching would alert all those young guys who hit on me all the time, that I am a mature woman, and all my Juicy parts have been removed by doctors with big knives. So,I don't have to wear a neon sign or anything.

So, careful of what you wear on your ass, one day it will come back to bite you!

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