Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hope everyone had a good Easter...

I made Easter supper without a nationality. I think.
Scalloped potatoes
Raisin sauce
Peaches & cream corn
Rolls...but I forgot to buy rolls, all I had was left over hot dog buns I bought from the bakery yesterday LOL...hey they did the job. They were nice and fresh.

Tomorrow, is the last day of bookwork, and the hardest. I have not got up before 10:00 AM since Friday. I don't seem to have any energy. That stinking flu just drained me dry. I stayed up late on Friday, but on Saturday I was bushed and went to bed at 10:00 PM and got up today at 10:00 AM. But, now that spring is in the air you want to go outside, and do stuff and not sit in a dark office and crunch numbers. Hopefully, it will rain tomorrow, that way I can justify staying put in my chair and get it over with. grrrr

My office is a disaster area...file folders on the floor, on my desk, on top of my computer. A million post it notes...reminding me to do stuff...arrrhahhh. "Ginger", my deranged Gingerbread girl sits on my desk looking at me with her stupid looking face, and makes me laugh. I't hard getting a little depressed with that face lookin back at you.

With the onslaught of spring, Penny has become a terror. She has always been a "working kind of dog." She needs a job, and a purpose. What she needs is a field full of cattle or sheep to herd. She never rests unless she feels she had completed a task of finding things I have hidden from her, or herding in our cattle from the back 40. So, everyday, I have to hide stuff, and she will spend hour upon hour trying it find it. I have run out of places to hide stuff, she knows all them already. Sometimes I pretend to throw the ball out, and keep it in my pocket. That's good for about an hour, but then she catches on to me, and sits and looks at my pockets. Fortheloveofmike. She's a pocketwatcher. How sad it that.

Nothing is blooming here yet, except some dandelions who are threatening to push their stinking little heads up. The final crest of the flood is supposed to go through tomorrow, we should be okay in the city, but those folks to the south are in a lot of trouble, if we get the rain that has been forecasted. I am a little concerned about some old friends in Neche North Dakota, because for the first time in a long time the Pembina River has overflowed it's banks into the town.

I got Norton working. Now we are at least talking to each other, but not the best of friends.

Time to hit the hay, no time to play. Maybe tomorrow I can conjure up balonie, because she's a lot more fun than me!!

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