Sunday, April 02, 2006

All is well, that ends well. Gord and his bro pulled here at 4:30AM this morning. Ringing the doorbell and hooting and hollering for me to open the damn door. Well, I was still a little ticked at this whole thing, so I made them wait outside, and beg me to open the door. I thought putting the Exacto Knife in his luggage would have killed his flight, but not so. When the doorbell rang, the dog went ballistic and I, with my snot laden head tried to get out of the waterbed..Repeatedly. I couldn't figure out who was ringing our doorbell..until I heard Gord holler my name. Hey you! My thoughts cleared immediately. I yelled back:

Hey you: No one by that names lives here.
Gord: HEY!
Hey you: What's my name?
Gord: (thinking he is funny) says..HEY
Hey you: I'm calling 911
Gord: Come on it's cold out here
Hey you: What's my name?
Gord: (who is now laughing along with his brother)..and are ringing the shit out of the doorbell, says, Penny!
Hey you: Wrong!
Gord: Cut it out.
Hey you: Make me
Gord: We have your fav. Anjou Rum we bought in the States
Hey you: Welcome to my world!


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