Thursday, April 06, 2006

whole lotta balonie

The water has stopped coming in. It all over. Except the dated blue carpet has a ring around it's collar. I will dry it out this weekend when my hippychick brings me her oscillating fan. We, for some unknown reason do not own a fan, because for the last three years I have asked her to bring her fan over here to dry up the basement. Optimists, that is what we are. Or, we are just blind dumb. The latter is probably the truth. If you wait long enough, it might just go away. There is such comfort in digging your head in the sand.

Speaking about Hippychick. She will be going back under the knife on Monday, to fill in the gap underneath her breast tissue that died. They will be taking some fatty skin from under her armpit and transplanting it there. She told me last night that it's to late to turn back, she started this, and has to see it through. So, if she has hair on the bottom part of her breast this time, it will be coming from her pit's, not the pub hair like the last time. I surely hope the whole breast is not laden with hair, it would become a "monkey breast"...not at all attractive. But, I guess she could shave it. I am sure that subject will come up on Saturday.

I had me an Andie Pandie moment today. I was driving down a narrow back lane coming home from Safeway. (its my shortcut home) I had to make a left turn to into wide back lane, but it had deep muddy ruts to my right, so I could not go any further in that direction as I was turning. A very uniformed lady driver was coming towards me (picture me in my big honking van)okay.... as I was turning she stopped dead in her tracks. To her right was and empty parking lot, that was dry, and all she had to do was get out of my way so I could get passed her. I signaled, with my hands ..go right>>>> and just let me pass. She threw her hands up...and did not have a clue, maybe she couldn't see I would have to drive off a cement cliff and into a huge mud, I continued to point .. rather violently ....she finally moved 1/2 of an inch...fortheloveofastupidbitch...She had 4 feet of room to let me through!! But she wasn't about to let me go. I checked my mirrors, and estimated I had an inch to get past the bitch, and I booted it around her. I cannot believe how stupid people are. All she had to do was pull around me, because she had an open parking lot on her side, and I was on the other side where the it was all a huge mudfuck. If I would have slipped off the edge of the pavement I would have been hung up, I know this lane so well, as I have done it before, and it wasn't going to happen again.

I hate her guts..and she didn't even understand my sign language. Time for some martial arts for the balonie, but personally I won't bother. She's much better at it than I am. And the next time I will let her drive.

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