Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cell phones and driving 666

There are evil and ignorant people in the midst of our society that feel the need to talk on their cell phones while driving and put our lives in danger. What is wrong with you asswipes? I can see you in front of me and behind me when I am driving. You seem to be practicing your hand, eye co-ordination with little success. No one will ever sleep with you, because it's obvious to me your hands have way to many other things to do.

I swear to God, yesterday when I glanced in my rear view mirror, a man, along with 4 passengers, was talking on his cell phone and also talking with his hands! He may have been Greek or Italian, I don't know, but it was obvious to me that everything the caller said to him, made him lift his HAND off the steering wheel, and shake it violently. The steering wheel during those few seconds was left unattended, because he had the phone in the other hand.

Last week, there was a lady driving in front me. We stopped at a red light. She was frantically pulling up stuff from her purse, and finally found her mascara. She started to put it on, then the light turned green. She didn't bat an eyelash...Ahem she just kept putting it on and driving. At the next red light, she started digging in her stash of goodies in her bag, and came up with her cell phone, and a smoke. She lit her cigarette, and dialed her cell phone number before the light turned green. I followed behind her for another block or so, and she was talking on the phone, and took her hands off the wheel several times to flick the ashes off of her cigarette out the window. I have actually met some people who read when they drive. I'm not kidding. We came back from the lake a few years ago, and passed a lady beside us and she had a book propped up on her steering wheel. And we wonder why our roads are so dangerous.

The only time I ever take my hands off the wheel is when I'm picking my nose, and then realize the guy beside me saw me doing it, and I pretend there is something in my eye. I must admit there has been times when I am guilty of being irresponsible while driving.

When I was young, I drove drunk a lot. Nope, I'm not to proud of that. But in those days it was acceptable, there weren't any laws at that time that were scary enough to make you stop. I will never forget the time I was at a party, and a tow truck company towed my car to compound for being illegally parked. I found the address of the place, and along with the help of Gord, went there, spotted our car and I jumped in and drove it out of the compound before they knew what happened!! They tried to stop us, but we just blew that popcorn stand. Yeah, just call us Bonny and Clyde...we were the wild ones. Sometimes I have nightmares of the stuff we did. I could tell many more tales, but I am so glad I grew up when I was 40 LOL.... yes, it took that long. And some days I miss the adventure; now I just worry about my mortality. How did that happen?

Now we drink and eat responsibly, worry about about our breasts, prostates, weak knees, aching backs, and any mole that presents itself. We drive carefully, and are responsible citizens. All the stuff we stuck our tongues out to in the 70's have been put back in our mouths. Okay, we still have our Saturday night Attitude Adjustment Hour with the old gang, and some of the old dynamics still surface. But,hey we ain't dead yet!!

I had no idea where I was going with this, this may have become a little disjointed, like our bones. Gord is having a real problem with his knee right now, and is a little worried about it and as a appliance serviceman, he is always bending down etc. (mostly because I'm kicking his ass).. ahh nevermind.. Being in your own business is a risky business, especially iffin some of your parts don't work right. He won't listen to me right now, but I will get him to go to the doctor soon, he has had problems with it the past. I got him a good knee brace today, so we will see how that works tomorrow. And if that doesn't work, I will ask him to bend down once more...and ...yeah..you know what I'll do. "Boot to the ass."

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