Sunday, June 04, 2006


How many months has it been since I have done any hard labour? All my "raisin" bones have turned into jelly. For, I have done some hard yard and deck work. It's not worth a picture yet, but by next week, I should have it ship shape, and worthy of a photo. I got my little pond working again, and put all the little gremlins around it. The oldest of old farts would be proud of me. Let's hear it for the dollar store, I couldn't do this crap without your low prices.

I bought most of my bedding plants on Friday. I kept it too a minimum this year, because I don't like watering plants, I just like to see them grow.."Sorry mom"...You knew I was a lazy ass. The garden interests me more now, because I have perennials and they come back every year. But, of course I am buying more and more of them. Ahhh, well, that will be my legacy, my little stinky flower garden. All the plants I abused last year grew again this year, so I bought more of them.. who knew? So with the least bit of effort a flower will grow, you have to love that.

My pond, once again proved to be in pukeuglystank. I had already cleaned it out once, but, the stank prevailed. So, I cleaned it out again, and then again once more. Now I can see the bottom. Stink is no longer in the air..much to Penny's chagrin. Why do dogs like the smell of putrid smelly water?

I got the indoor - outdoor carpeting back on the deck, along with the patio furniture, and the umbrella. We are almost back in business, and guess what, by next week we will have a mosquito infestation....and all this will be for not. Why am I such an optimist this time of year? It only goes to shit in a week or so. How many times does Mother Nature have to hit me on the head? At least she got me out there doing stuff and lightened the load of the lead in my pants. And I'm telling pants were getting somewhat heavy.

You internets, don't want to know my Sunday Suffer..oops I mean Supper.

Potato salad
Pork Roast
No fuss no muss supper.

I made a batch of potato salad and used a new recipe from my SIL. Then started to make a marvelous lean pork roast on the barbecue. Then barbecue wouldn't work. Phisssssssersss... Gord wasn't home, but I know how to use the sucker, and everytime I clicked the clicker to get the propane going it would only go "click", "click" click"..over and over. No fire. The instructions on the barbecue were: If the starter doesn't work, throw a match into me, I value my eyebrows, I have done shit like that before and lost facial fuzz. So, I stuck in the oven.

After all was said and done, the potato salad tasted like the socks of some golfer who had just finished 18 holes, and the pork roast, was a tad dry, and tasted umm porky. I have no dessert, because I didn't buy any. I am so alone.

Do not make potato salad with that packaged ranch dressing mix you can buy. It tastes like just what I said "up there." I'm still burping it, fortheloveofallthosewhoarenearanddeartoyou...stop violating potato salad with ranch dressing!!! Use it in a dip, put in on your salads...but DO.NOT. violate your potato salad. Good god people.

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