Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Let's try uploading pics again

To those of you who are really tired of my garden, get out now, whiles the gettings good, because I won't be stopping this until I have killed them all off. Check back next week LOL.. click to enbiggen....

This is my Mom and Dad on a swing, they just don't know it yet....well maybe they do if they have Angel status already.

This is a plant I got from Superstore that cost me 97 cents last year. I have no idea what it is but it has cute little bells on it. I think I will call it "Hells Bells" to hell with the botanists..I name me own plants ..thank you very much.

This is the first Raspberry of the season. Taadaa. Normally, after the berries are ready I can't even get into the bushes when the mosquitoes are out, but we have had such a dry season, I think I will beat the crows, robins and mosquitoes to them, and have me a big bowl of raspberries with a little whipping cream and sugar in it. Hmmm.

Last, my little lamb's ears. Leslie says they go all over the place, so I will have to get Penny on it, because she likes to "herd" Lambs or anything that moves. Mostly Gord and I. God, you don't even need to own a clock in this joint, she will tell you when it's supper time, and "herd' you to the table.

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