Monday, June 19, 2006

Oh Shit

Edmonton Oilers lost. Some people from North Carolina won it. It's not even cold out there ever!! I have never got used to the idea of the southern leagues, it seems so wrong. When Phoenix took our beloved Winnipeg Jets, I timed out. How can you watch a hockey game in the the people in the South really care? Or do they just have bigger bucks out there? I loved the good old days, when the Stanley Cup was Canadian. As you can see, I have never been a hockey fan, but my family was, and I know right now, my dad in heaven, is right pissed off! My uncle Frank, who lives on the cloud next door to Mom and Dad, will owe his bookie a pile of dough tonight. He's Italian, so if I were those Hurricanes I'd be worried, he's got contacts here are earth.. boom dadda know what I mean.

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