Thursday, June 22, 2006

Garden Pic's

Just some pic's I took this evening after I watered my little garden.

Okay, if you are wondering what that board is doing in the pond, I'm here to tell you it's a "Bug Saver". Yes, you heard me right. This pond is steep and goes straight down without a ledge. Everytime I go to check on it, I see about 4 or 5 of what appears to be water beetles, swimming for their lives...all their tiny feets are pushing frantically to keep above water, and they are trying desperately to climb up the side. And they are smart little buggers, they will latch on to a leaf or a piece of tree bark that is floating in the pond and sit on it. When I come home from lunch I have been saving them and scooping them out, and the same after work. So, the other day, I decided I needed to devise a way of letting them save themselves. Fortheloveofabug...I can't babysit them forever you know. So, I started to think. dumb deedie dumb...and what I came up with was, I put a old tomato stake in the water, which immediately floated (thanks Dave) and propped the end of it on the edge of the pond. So, today, there was not one beetle in the pond. Hurrah!! I would have loved to watch "the march of the beetles" when they finally found their way out, but I was at work. I will take pic's of that this weekend.

So, tomorrow is hippychicks party. I am not ready. I hate parties, and I heard today there was going to be about 30 people (women) outside on a small deck.

Non stop talking. Non stop ringing in my ears. I will need many drinks to try to fit in. I cannot drink many drinks to fit in, because I have to drive. Now only don't I need a tampon for this party, I also need some some major drugs. It's a slippery slope.

Wish me luck.

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