Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hippy Chicks Partay...

As always, if you can finally get me to go to a party, you can't get me to go home.

Sigh...story of my life.

It was fun, my girlfriend from Edmonton was in for the week, so I invited her to the party as well. My SIL who was also invited met up with me and my girlfriend at my house and I drove them over there. In all the hoopla,along with bringing the present, and 4 folding chairs, I forgot my camera, and my dynamite stick!! Fudge!! Just as well, she lives in an area where the houses on each side almost touch each other, I may just have started a fire.

Her daughter set the whole thing up, and it was very interesting, on how to make the transition to cronehood.

She invited those women that have changed her life from the day she was born up until
today. Those that are still alive that is.

As, I have said before she has women in her life from many different backgrounds, and it was interesting to see how they all came together.

She has her intellectual friends, (book club and all that)Arts etc...and some from her work who are immigrants who she helped flee their country when they were in danger, and they there are the old standby's from the past. I am one on them. So, it was quite a mix of people.

It was Wickin like. Her daughter had brought a huge..What looked like a cauldron with a piece in the centre that was smoldering. The circumference was filled with sand. We were all given candles, and straw hats to wear? I don't know why. When the candles were lit, we were asked to come up one by one and announce our name and put the candle in the cauldron in front of her. There was some chanting going on too. Once we were all finished, Desiree, her daughter, said..."Mom, blow out the candles of your birthday cake". It was very cool.

After that, they did the three changes of a woman, from maiden, mother to crone.

She sat on a chair with a mirror in hand, but could not see herself because her daughter had draped her head with three different veils. And then she read passages of "stuff"..sorry I can't be more helpful here..and each time she changed from maiden to mother to crone a veil lifted off. And at the end she could see herself in the mirror. It was quite symbolic.

Ellen would have liked it, because I was sitting beside a teacher, and when she had her turn to say something about Janis, she had "hand outs", IN HER FAVORITE FONT, no less, for each of us to read. We didn't get graded. Thank you Jebus. I could tell by her file folder, she would have liked to done a "unit" on us, but fortunately time was of the essence.

It was fun, it was Janis, this is exactly who she is. All those who made up her life, were their to celebrate her cromedom. I am still pissed off I forgot my firecracker, but I told everyone of my pyromanic? tendencies, and they thought it would have been a "blast"....but best be left to the professionals!!

I left at 11:30, maybe one drink of wine over the limit. She makes even better homemade wine than I do.

Many more, my friend!!

I will have some pic's next week, her neice said she would send some to me of the pagan party.

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