Friday, January 12, 2007

And you know what happened???

After the Prince installed the humifier on their furnace, he cranked it to 90% output. Then the Princess started to get a little damp around the panties and wasn't impressed.

This morning it was -37 celcius. I was MF'n cold. But, not only were my panties dripping wet, all the windows and the patio door had huge layers of ice and frost on them ...on the inside of the castle. I'm not used to looking at frost from the inside of the house, usually that happens OUTSIDE. So, I mentioned this to the Prince this morning, and he said he would adjust the settings on the humidifier. I could barely get the patio doors open for Penny's leak this was full of ice...on the inside of the door!!

I came home for lunch, and saw that all the windows were still totally iced up, and even with this cold that never happens. So, I took matters in me own little hands, went downstairs to the furnace room and checked his setting on the humidistat. He had it at 50%! Fortheloveofductape....The furnace was blowing out so much humid air it was frosting up our house from the inside..out with the cold temps!! I turned that sucker down to 1. By the time I got back to the castle after work, most of the ice had left the windows and doors...and thank God the moat had unthawed so I could drive up to the house. What is it with Prince's who have to crank everything up.... my position would be..start at 5% ...see how it goes and carry on by little increments ..but no..we have to start at 100%..and take it back down. oyvey!

The Prince of "peckerdom" has got himself a very bad cold and cough right now, and I'm sure this humidity is not helping....he says it is, but he is a liar. Unless he like to eat chunks of ice off the windows. more like it. God knows what other crap is swilling in the humidity. Prince also doesn't believe in cleaning the furnace ducts....or the fireplace. It's all a money grab says he.

Well, one day the Prince of "peckerdom" will fall off his throne, and this Princess will throw the doors of the castle wide open, and say..."I told you so." ..and then jump in the moat with her dog and swim away. Wait!...there should be a draw bridge...that you lift with ropes and we won't have to swim..yikes I wasn't looking forward to swimming. And I might just slam that sucker down on my way out.

I'm not mad at him or anything, but when he gets on one of these projects it's makes every nerve in my body tighten. He's like a Rottie, that won't give up the bone.

So, when he comes home tonight with his hacking cough, nasal congestion..whatever..I will rub him down with "Vicks" make him some hot supper, appear sympathetic and lock the room to the furnace.

It's a coping mechanisim.

The Princess wins.


Andie said...

Tell the Prince to only crank up the parts that matter and see how he takes that. ;)

brenda said...

You have those "projects" to deal with, around here I only hide the pruning shears,,,thinking about hiding his spray thingy too since he made the lawn look like it had mange last summer. Ain't life with Princes just grand? (grand slam more like it, ha!)

brenda said...

P.S. Hope your Prince is feeling better soon.

Michelle said...

It is my humble opinion that men always think they are right and it gets worse the older they get. I had my mum over for a visit complaining about my stepdad who "just has to do everything his way". At least she lives close by and gets a breather when she visits me.