Monday, January 08, 2007

My oh my Penny! dog post

This dog has my number. Remember back to the storm a week ago Saturday?...when Penny lost her favourite ball outside under the deep dark snow? It twas a week of sadness that made her ears and tail go limp. Life was no long worth living. So, on Saturday I went out on a mission to find the SAME ball (because it always has to be the same fricking ball) to perkin up her ears and tail. I was so sick and tired of looking at those sad huge brown eyes.

I went to Petland, not much luck there, but they had a ball the squeaked with very much the same tones that "Rolly Pollie" had, but it was green and had some knobby things on it. I bought it anyway. I have been trying to get her to play with some old toys, but they weren't balls and nothing would do for the poor little spoiled brat. So, not quite convinced that this ball was going to make her ears and tail perk up again, I went to Zellers. This is where I always get her red, white and blue squeaky balls from after she chews the hell out of them and they no long squeak. I had been there once before but all the shelves were empty after Christmas. I was hoping a new shipment of Rolly Pollies had come in. Very much so.

I went to the doggie isle, and nope, notta one. As I walked all the way to end and went around the corner, I noticed they had an end cap, with toys and coats, and bones and everything a spoiled brat would ever want.........and Rollie Pollies (3) of them. Red/white/blue and all squeaked in the manner she is accustomed to. Score. I bought two of them. I left the last one for a little girl who said her dog loved them too. But I noticed later she left it on the shelf, and chose a really ugly one. I am sure her dog will be pissed.

Anyhow, I took it home. When I got in the door, she came running and smelling my bags (the plastic one's) heh...and went ballistic. She knew Rolly Pollie was in there. I always make her wait a minute or two before I unveil the new ball..because she gets so excited and tries to do every trick she has ever been taught at one time. She sat pretty, she danced, she tried to roll over, but that one has never been perfected, she "spoke" very loudly, chased her tail, and then finally I gave it to her. She loves nothing more when I take it out of the plastic bag..the anticipation is like watching a kid at Christmas. Of course it is stapled up in another plastic bag and I have to get all the crap off, while she is doing "high jumps"... trying to get it away from me. But, I have the washing rule..because they stink like oil or something, and I wash it before she gets to play with it. This drives her into a frenzy, because I say "Rolly Pollie" needs a bath".. by this time I have pretty well given the dog heart failure, it's so exciting.

I brought the ball to the patio door to throw it in the back yard for her to fetch, she tripped over the rug, ran around in 50 circles and got all messed up in the rug. I untangled her from the mess, threw out the ball, and she bee lined it out there like she was being chased by the devil. Two minutes later, ball in mouth, she was back, and we did it 40 more times. Ears were up, tail was was good.

Next morning. She was hanging around our utility closet (where I had stashed the other two balls) She could smell them!! And now she wanted them all. She slept in front of the closet, she dug at the closet, she whined in front of the closet. So, on Sunday I thought I would give her the ugly one I got from Pet Land that she would never like. Ohhhhhh yeah, she went through the process of dancing etc. again, and then the washing of the balls. And she was going ballistic like she really liked this ball. I threw it out the patio door to the yard for her to fetch and she bee lined it out again. She was out there for some time and I wasn't paying much attention, finally I let her snowy face in....... and what did she come in with...... the old stinking "rolly pollie" that had apparently been lost for a whole week under a snow bank. How could we not find that before???? What were her motives?? She is the devil in disguise. I swear she is smarter than me..well that wouldn't take much. I'm such a sucker!!! As we speak, she is sitting in front of the Utility closet, waiting for that last one to appear. It's not gonna happen are going to have to chew the hell out of these two before you are going to get that last one. AND.. I felt sorry for her???


Joe said...

Hahahahahaha! I bet you gave in! LOL!

Joan said...

Joe I did not...she is still smelling the closet..tough luck for her!!

Deltachick said...

Yep, she's got your number! Your Penny has much better manners than my grandkiddies do!

brenda said...

that, up there, was me.

Special K said...

You're going to drive that dog freaking crazy. Well, tit for tat, I guess.

Anonymous said...

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