Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just farting around

Spring has sprung!! Oy.......... this is a very strange weather pattern. I still have 4 feet of snow in the back yard, but now it is wetter than a full pamper. And just as heavy. I got my cardio workout back there this evening trying to make more paths for Penny to walk through. That little shyster is too stinking short. She is doing her dirty work all around the perimeter of the patio, and it's looking a might gross. I can't even pick it up because it's sticking on the hard snow. We still cannot find her fav ball. But it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

My tummy talks. Does yours? Today coming home from work I think it said, grrrrreat!, then it said, farrrrr out! And it yodeled... yodelayehehe! So, what was left? I had to square dance to the music. Which was kind of hard because I was driving. It must have been the beans I had for lunch. Remind me to cut that out. I'm not "that" lonely that I have to have a conversation with my innards. Opps, I just got another message, Pa rump a pum pummmmmmmmmmb, I think it's code for "you are going to shit your pantaloons." ... nope, nothing there. God save the queen!

It's the New you didn't know. Any resolutions? Nay me. I break em before I make em. I was thinking that we would go on a real vacation this year, like Wally World or something. Gord and I have RV'd before, with little success. Yes, we did the dance. We tried to RV before our time. I like to think of that time as pioneers trying to break the mode, and RV when you have absolutely no fucking time, and almost go broke trying to pay for the sucker. We were only 40 years old. You have to be 90! We didn't get it at the time. We could only use the motor home on weekends because we worked, and only in the summer because we didn't get the have to be retired to travel in the winter. But, even though we lost our shirts on it, the part I loved the most is we always took my mom and dad with us and travelled around to campsites in Manitoba. But, in reality it was stupid. Like most things we do.

This year I would like to fly someplace. First I have to get some med's that will let me do that.....

hey my tummy just talked seems to be saying cheeeringgching! With a distinct high note at the end. But still no accident, good for me.

Okay, back to flying someplace. I don't have as much of a problem getting on a plane and flying somewhere, as I do visiting people when I get there. I am not a good visitor. I need my safety nets, and my space. Like a hotel room with room service.

So, I would like to fly someplace where I know not a soul. Rent a car, see the sites, have a good time, take pictures and come home relaxed. But, I can tell you already that wish is not going to happen if I leave it up to the Mr. I have got me a trillion Air Miles, and I intend to use them very soon. I wasn't to sure how to go about it, but Balonie surfaced....and she has plans that will make his last hair on his haid curl!! I will do updates if I can get this plan hatched.

Just got another message from's time to take this party to the bathroom...

Beans!!! ..sorry Kat ..just stole that for a minute.


Brenda said...

I can't wait to hear about your vacation plans and take a photo of that curled hair on Gord's head, would you?

Mary Lou said...

GEEZ Between you and Ellen...Canada has its problems with Poop eh?

JimBob said...

Suppression of borborygmus leads to squeakers! ;-) ;-)

AndiePandie said...

I can't stay at other folks houses. I mean I can, I just don't like it very much at all. I would rather stay in a hotel. Also? I don't like people staying at my house either! LOL

Joan said...

Brenda, I'm sorry, I would have to put some gel on the last hair on his head to make it stand up...and even so...I don't think you could see it. bahhh haa..

Mary Lou...Yes we eat too many beans. Well in my case I ate some unfamiliar food at work, and it decided to have a life of it's own. nailed it man.

Andie..heh, you made me laugh..we are so much alike...and I spit a little wine juice on my keyboad again!! So I guess I won't be able to use my shift and enter key by tomorrow. I'm going to put it in the dishwasher.

Phyllis said...

Yikes, hope you get better soon!
I was sick in November so got it over early!
Get better!