Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hey...Happy New Year ..what day is this?

Do I hear bells ringing...oops's just my ears ringing again. But, that's not such a bad thing, every time my ears ring, an Angel gets its wings:)

This is my last entry regarding my imaginary maladies, my only problem today was, fatigue, and I popped my left ear drum by blowing my nose too hard. I couldn't hear for about an hour, then it make some crunchy noises when I was trying to "jaw" it away. Like you do in an airplane, but with gum. I'm only thinking good thoughts now.

If I talk about my illnesses again, TAKE ME OFF YOUR FAVORITES LIST...I'm serious. I'm getting way too good at this.

Okay, then.

Let's talk about my left over supper I'm making tonight. We had roasted chicken last night with veggies and rice. Soooo... we had a lot of left-overs, and wouldn't you know it...I got a recipe from Kraft Kitchens today in my email, that would utilize all my left overs and make a good meal for tonight. AND, I actually had the rest of the ingredients in me pantry!! I'm some lucky sumofabitch!

So, as my story goes...last night after supper I took off all the meaty parts of that little "clucker" and put them in a bowl, along with the carrots, beans, and rice I had made for supper, and stored them in the fridge. So, today when I got the recipe in my email, I was ready to roll.

It called for:

1 - 14oz can of tomatoes..check
1 - box of chicken Stove Top Stuffing ...check
1 - cup of low fat mozzarella cheese ( I only had cheddar, but f*k it)I checked it off anyway.
1/2 - cup of water.. check
1 - clove of garlic...check
1/2 tsp. - Basil...check
1-1/2 cups of chicken...check, but I added the rice and veggies to it as well.

So, what you do is mix the stove top stuffing with the tomatoes, 1/2 cup of water and garlic ...then let it sit for a bit, until they introduced each other and have made friends. You will know when they are in good place. They start to bond, and it gets a little thick.

THEN... you put your left over chicken bits ..along with the veggies in a casserole it off with the cheese and slap the stove top stuffing mixture on top. Bake as directed. (there were no directions) ..but I always use 350 when in doubt.

It's in the oven as we speak.

It will either taste like shit...or it might be good. Miracles could happen.

My lens fell out my glasses again today. fortheloveoflenscrafters...I was just coming out of Mr. Sub at lunchtime, walking to my truck..when low and behold..she just popped out of my frame without any warning! And fell in the snow. So, needless to say I was blind. I stopped. Because I didn't want to step on it..and used my good eye to try to spy it. It was kind of funny, because I could feel the wind blowing through my empty lens... it's a strange feeling. Kind of uplifting.

So, I was sort of like that guy in the Christmas story when he almost shot his eye out with his bee bee gun... I couldn't find my lens. I aimed my good eye (that still had a lens) around where I thought it landed. I finally found it right underneath the tire of a SUV parked beside mine. It popped really far! It was gritty and full of dirt. This has been happening for a month now, so I am prepared. I have my old glasses in my purse, just in case. Plus I have my screwdriver kit to fix them. So, when I got back in the truck, I threw my sub on the seat, and tried to find my old glasses in my purse. Not easy with one eye. But they were still in their 2001 pink case. After a lot of groping I found them.

So, now I have to put on these old glasses that are about 4"x4" know the kind we wore in the day. Fortunately my prescription hasn't changed too much, so I could drive with them. I got home, fixed my glasses..AGAIN.. and ate my sub.

Tomorrow, I'm going back to the Optometrist, and get this shit fixed. That little screw just keeps on loosening up. Plus, I could use a new frame. I need a new pair of glasses and a new counter top for my bathroom sink.

Happy trails..until we meet again

see I'm not complaining..I'm a good girl.


Special K said...

I think your chicken dish sounds like the perfect comfort food...unless it tastes like shit, of course.

Mary Lou said...

if it happens again, take a drop of superglue and put it in the hole before you put the screw in. Then it will stay put!

JimBob said...

That crap always seems to happen to me. Mary Lou hit the fix on the head. I put a tiny drop of the superglue on after the screw is reinstalled. It will "wick" into the threads before it sets.

This will prevent the screwhole from being blocked by the superglue..

ellen said...

Curtis forwarded that same recipe to me yesterday. You'll have to let us know if it's any good. Those Krafts Kitchens ones often are.

Joan said...

SK, it was really good. The perfect left-over rejuvinator. I loved it. That stove top stuffing was so nice and crunchy .. if I wouldn't have already had all the left over veggies, I would have made it anyway, but with a salad.


Mary know, I was just thinking the same thing today, but then I was worried about screwing it up permanently. Thanks for the info, and I will try not to get any glue on my lenses...or my fingers..or the dog. We are tight knit family, but that would be ridiculous. Let me see where I keep my crazy glue,...oh there it is, right beside my med's. I like to keep all the crazy stuff in one place.


Jimbob...okay I got it. but it sound kinda dirty. heh..
Just kiddin...this was driving me crazy and I will follow your instructions.


Ellen, I loved it like I said to SK. it doesn't have to be for left overs. It's just a nice and easy meal to make especially in winter. But seeing I had all the leftovers anyway..I threw em all in, which probably made it a little drier than it was supposed to be, but, hey I loved it.

brenda said...

I hope it didn't taste like shit,,did it? It's today now so you can tell me.

My trail ain't happy, it's long and winding and doubling back on itself but tomorrow's Friday and I'm hoping I won't have to work Saturday so I'll take a broom and straighten that sucker up some and maybe I'll get a grin out of it (the trail).