Monday, January 01, 2007

heh, I did it again!

This gal has some really nice templates. And, again I am having a little trouble with the code. I can't seem to put pictures in my side bar, but that will be overcome.

I just finished making tenderloin stew. Are you calling me crazy? Well, nevermind. Gord bought such a huge piece of tenderloin yesterday, it practically walked into the house. So, tonight I just wanted veggies and more veggies, I am so tired of all the other stuff, and what was left of it I included in my stew. It smells divine.

Penny lost her favorite ball in the back yard after all the snow came. She is despondent. No other ball will do. I thumped around through the back yard hoping for the familiar squeak, but to no avail. The snow is about 4 feet deep. I'm sure once the temps get milder she will find it, but right now it's too cold for her ... and too deep for her to even start looking.

Just a funny story that happened on Saturday. I was going to Safeway to get some groceries, and when I got to the top of the street and started to turn left, I noticed my damn blinkers weren't working AGAIN! It was making a really fast clicking sound just like the last time, when they and my brake lights went South. When I got to Safeway I wanted to check to see if the back brake lights and blinkers were working. But, of course you can't put your foot on the brake pedal and twist like a pretzel to see if they are. I saw a guy coming out of Safeway, who was going past my truck, and I asked him if he could check to see if my brake lights and blinkers were working. He looked very annoyed, but he said "hit the brake"...I did, and he said everything was working. I even asked him twice! For some reason I didn't believe him, but I went into Safeway and did my shopping. When I came back out it was nearly dark, and I thought I would be able to see if my brake lights were working if I pumped them, but I couldn't. Then I saw a bunch of Chinese students walking across the parking lot (our Safeway is close to the University of Manitoba) and they shop there a lot. I ran out and asked them if they could tell me if my brake lights came on when I pushed on the brake. They looked a little confused, but were very willing to help. I jumped into the truck and pushed on the brake and felt a rocking motion....WTF.... Oh, man ....when I got out they were all trying to push my truck out of the snow!!! HAAAAAAA... it was so funny. I didn't realize they didn't understand me. So, I pointed to my tail light, and made hand gestures that would suggest something should go ON! They all nodded. So, I got back in my truck, and hit the brake. When I got back out...they nodded to the left brake light, and shook their head to the right one. I also have a brake light on top of the back window of the truck, and they even pointed to that one with a "nod." That made my day!!! It was all sign language, but they were willing to help in any way. God bless em.

Tomorrow, it's back to work. I am looking forward to it, too much time couped up in the house makes for a very depressed balonie. I seriously have to go to the doctor and take care of some of my mood swings. I go from being very optimistic to spinning very dark yarns in my head. And I can't stop it. But, once I get back to work and get focused I am sure I will feel better. Normally, I would have thought this time off would have been a blessing, but it has been just the other way around.

So much for 2006... let's hope 2007 get better.


ellen said...

I'll drink to that, Joan.

AndiePandie said...

Happy New Year Joan! :)

Brenda said...

I'm so sorry you've been having down days. You really should talk to your doc about it and maybe he can help out.

I had a laugh at your rendition of the Chinese sign language story. Where there's good will there's a way, huh?

I'm in such a good mood this week that I could jump for joy, if it wouldn't crack every old creaking bone in my body!

JUST A MOM said...

Hey you girl those things in yoru head,,,, well they are suppose to be there it is the world that tells ya they don't belong there. JUST ASK ME! Happy New Year my blog friend, I love the new look. OK Joan the comments is screwing with me so I ma anonymous for now... have a great one ,,,

just a mom

Z said...

Happy New Year Joan!
Just so you know, I changed my blog addy just for a little bit. It will be back to the original shortly, but this person was really starting to ghettoly piss me off!
Have a great week!

The Ghetto Mamma