Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I have been lax

I have to start reading your blogs, but I have been side tracked.

Indiebloggers.org is the culprit.

You can join and send them a blog entry and it might be published. Or you can choose to read those that are already up. I found it very interesting. Some of them may be partly truth and partly fiction, but it makes for some interesting reading.

Gord is in the basement. Installing a humidifier in our gas furnace. Say a prayer, because I'm just waiting for the BIG BANG! Paying reliable installers is not in his vocabulary....let's just see if we live till the morrow.....If you see my ass fly over your house ( you will know mine..it has sensible panties on it..but a litte worn looking) (Gord's has tattered but expensive Fruit of the Looms shorts) and Penny has brown fur around her rectum. How could you miss us?

We will be singing some songs from the "Sound of Music." Our hills are alive. But our asses might be toast. Just a warning. heh..


Anonymous said...

You are just too, too funny!!! Good luck!!!

brenda said...

Lordy, Lordy, I'll keep you in my prayers cause I sure don't think I could stop laughing if I saw 2 1/2 toasted Canadians go flying over my house. hahahahahahahaha!