Monday, January 22, 2007

Gettin back atter

I've crawled out of my hole. My friend isn't happy with me. Apparently if you "only" have a cold you should not delay any commitments you have made earlier in the week. I won't go into it, but forfucksake give me a break, my head was so full of crap I could hardly think. I didn't bathe for two days, because it hurt to touch my skin. It's really hard when you get ill, and some people expect you to be your perky little self, and just tough it out. Call me a wimp, but I have never had such a bad cold and sinus problems all at one time. And when shit came to shove, I attended the AA meeting.

At least my brother understood, when he called last week inviting us to their house on Saturday, and I had to decline. We will finally be going over there this Saturday to do our Christmas get together. What can I say, they were sick, we were sick, and then we were sick didn't happen.

I was glad to get back to work today, just to get the hell out of here. But, I felt so dizzy most of the day, until 3:00PM and it lifted, and I started to get my shit together. My boss, was very understanding. I was worried about taking two days off in one week. Now I just gotta figure out how to recoup the pay I lost. It will probably screw up my budget at bit.

So, let the rest of January fly out of my life ...really quick. FUCK OFF JANUARY..I hate you!!

My house is a mess. Yes, everything looks neat and all the crap is out of sight, but I know where the dirt is, and it's picking at my brain. I have a stack of accounting to do for Gord's business that would boggle the mind of a CEO. It's carefully stacked on the floor. Waiting for someone who gives a shit to do it. I have no energy. Sick? Depressed? ...awww who the hell knows..but I wish this would just go away.

I can't even conjure up balonie...she went into hiding. I went looking for her while I took Penny out in the back 40 for playtime in the snow tonight. I called for her, but she wouldn't answer. So Penny was left with boring old me. We did the normal playtime...but it wasn't as much fun as when "balonie" rears her head.

I probably just need a good "shit" know how bunged up you get with a Tylenol sick week?

Yeah, I'm bunged up.

And most of the shit is in my head.

Time to remove it...oop's I hope I didn't get any on you...heh

(I'm feeling so much better:)


ellen said...

I'm glad you are finally on the mend. Your friend seriously didn't understand? Would she have preferred if you had infected her with your germs?

I hear you on the household neglect. I seriously need to dust and vacuum around here, because I could build a fourth cat out of the fur balls frisking around the house.

Lu said...

Glad you are out...just get better now!

Joan said...

Ellen..heh...yeah I could build another dog around here too, and maybe a cat. And nope my friend did not understand, she see's me as recluse, because I like staying close to home with my family such as it is. I think she thinks I was faking an illness not to go to the housewarming on Saturday...and that was so far from the truth...but whatever. She is a breast cancer surviour so she might just be testing me.

Lu..thanks..and I will.

JimBob said...

I seem to remember that the techniques for checking (bunged)that out were documented. Being one to supply a helpful link... ;-) ;-)

Leslie said...

Nothing like a friend making you feel worse than you already did.

I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better. It's hard to drag your ass into the office when the whole world is spinning.

Brenda said...

Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaa, She LIVES! Forget about the house, it'll get done when you really feel like it, and if it don't? So? It'll be there next year!