Sunday, December 02, 2007

Busy weekend

I'm getting ready for Christmas. I wasn't going to this year, I had planned to travel to Vancouver, or abroad, or maybe to Prince Edward Island, but the best made plans usually go in the shitter. And the did. I am glad it turned out this way. I would have missed family and friends.

I reclaimed my dining room yesterday. I had turned it into an office and it was pissing me off. I hauled my desk top computer and all the paraphernalia downstairs where I have a perfectly good office with a huge desk made for computing. I still kept a desk up here, because we need to have all our business stuff at hand, instead of running downstairs, and I have my laptop up here. I didn't think I had it in me anymore to do those big moves, but man I loved it. I pushed and shoved furniture around, cleaned, vacuumed, took down the network, put it back together ...without screwing it up. I put little post it notes on some of the cords to the router and what not so I wouldn't forget where they all go, but I didn't need it. I was a computer genius.

I have to recommend more neighbours like I have to you.... I didn't have any Internet last night because I only hooked it up everything back up this morning.....but someone around here has a much better system than me, because my wireless laptop was so fast last night, I had to run around and try to catch it. I stole the Internet. I hope they don't mind. I could always see who was latching on to mine before I encrypted it (I think that is the word..I don't know)..her name was Karen, well Karen if you are reading this...PAYBACK!

I think I may have loosened some of my vertebrae...I seem to be leaning to the left a tad, not politically, only physically.

Then, today I decided to go out a buy a new Christmas Tree. What I decided on was a narrow prelate flocked tree. I like my men that way too. That was probably the attraction. Anywho. I couldn't find a "flocked" narrow tall Christmas tree, and I had a very short time line to do it in. Because, once I get something in my head...I HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT NOW! Well of course they didn't have a flocked one, but I found a narrow 7 footer prelit for 80.00 bucks~~ Score. Of course I had to carry this bastard from the cart to the truck, and from the truck to the house, and then set it up...WITHOUT INSTRUCTIONS... At this point all I could do was walk, nevermind twisting my body trying to put this thing together. But it was easy. Obviously those who put make these trees had my back. And you know, it's very pretty, it suits my living room so much better than the wide ones. I always had such a hard time re-arranging everything to suit the damn tree! He is a cutie. I think I will call him "Slim." I haven't decorated "Slim" yet, because of the aforementioned difficulties in moving one leg before the other, but once the pain killers take effect, I might just go back down and finish him off. heh...ah Slim, me manly Christmas tree.

I will take pictures once I get this all together. I am actually excited about Christmas, and last spring and summer I thought I would never be again. Hope springs eternal.

I can't believe I can actually see my dining room table with out my desktop, printer, scanner, monitor etc. on it. It looks so grown up. Mind you the table is a beautiful teak table, and the chair are cheapo whatever...they will do until we really grow up.

Gotta fly Desperate Housewife's is on. Spell check didn't work...whatyouseeiswhatyouget.


Susan said...

I hope to be posting this same news in the next day or so. My 10 yr old fake tree is too bushy and I just dont want to rearrange the house to accomodate it. Besides it is so dusty!

Brenda said...

I can't wait to see your tree, I bet he's handsome.

Cheapo chairs had worked well for me until the ex-football player son cracked a few whilst bouncing during card games. Now I need some new cheapos.