Saturday, December 29, 2007

Okay simmer down

I got everything under control.

Lappy is happy, got the bugs out of my desktop, my monitor is okay and sharing with everyone. There is peace in the valley.

Until... I came home with a new printer today. Now everyone is scrapping again. Little bastards! I hate it when my kids fight. I got it all sorted out. My newest Child "Canon"...don't you love the new age names! Anywho Canon has been fussy today, because he wasn't breastfed at birth. But once I fed him enough paper, he went down for his nap and was out like a light..... Until I asked him to do some colour printing and it was amazing.

This is starting to look like an "All My Children" soap blog. Cast of characters...Ben, Clive, Gingerbreadman, The bitch, and now Canon.

Who do you predict will go into a comma first, or come back from the dead?'s getting late to get my ass to bed.

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Brenda said...

Oh Lordy, I'm not ready to go wireless yet. I need lessons from you.