Sunday, December 30, 2007

Have you guys ever read

I just love her blog. She is just a down to earth country girl, who shares her life on a working ranch. She also has another blog with is called where she shares decadent recipes that are so politically incorrect in this day and age. Can I mention the word "butter" without anyone shutting down their computer! She don't care...she butters everything up.

This got me to thinking today. Why don't I make a second blog about cooking. It will in no way be anything edible because Balonie will be COOKING! A satire, if you will. I know The Pioneer Woman has a trillion people reading her blog, but I thought for the 3 or 4 of you that pop in occasionally Balonie could delight you with her cooking skills. So now I have to make a decision on what to call the blog. Maybe Penny could round up my collection of Moose's on my Moose ranch. Just like her husband does, but then I would have to get Penny a pair of doggie chaps. And then I would have to castrate them...oy.. but how hard could that be...just take a pair of scissors running...done. I wouldn't be able to fry them however, because plastic balls would stink, I think I will just hang them on the tree. Sorry is hard on a Moose Ranch.

Here they are:

Cooking with Balonie
The Balonie Cooks
Balonie Cooks with Wine
Balonie Drinks and Cooks with Wine
Balonie is Cooked

I think I will go with Cooking with Balonie, I can throw all that other stuff in there while I and all.

I will take pictures and give detailed instructions on every recipe Balonie decides to share on her blog. Then give a "stumble by stumble" report ... and perhaps some household tips! That should be interesting.

Balonies oven looks like shit; so don't judge her by her scariness of using chemicals to clean it, or her lack of knowledge to turn the Self Cleaning feature on. OR...just being a lazy ole bitch. She can cook up a mean meal if she puts her mind to it, but usually that is the problem.

I'm going into blogger now and getting it all set up.

I was going to do a poll, but I can't wait. bye


Whispering Hope said...

I think you'd do great, can't wait to see the outcome. Yep, that Pine Near Woman is making quite a splash. Too bad one of us didn't think of that. Course, I don't got no horses or 4 kids or calf nuts to talk about. hahahaha

Brenda said...

I like the "Balonie Drinks and Cooks With Wine" title myself. I'm looking forward to reading your blog about food and fixins, I love me some groceries.

Happy New Year Miz Joan!!

JUST A MOM said...

hey happy new year I LOVE THE NEW LOOK

Brenda said...

P.S. This blog is lookin mighty fine too!

Susan said...

That sounds like a great idea Joanie. But the only kind of balonie I like is the sort you dish up here!
Have a wonderful new year! I am working tonight so no party in this house. See, If Im not here they cant party without me!

Dorie said...

Good Luck with the blog adventure. You never know, maybe you can parlay this into a public tv show! Happy New Year too!