Friday, December 28, 2007

Warning...warning template changes coming

I didn't have time today. Because I slept in until 10:30 AM, and still trying to get my fricking laptop to work with my new monitor, who I have named... "my bitch." That is how much I loves her. My laptop is just named "bitch" because she has an attitude, and I have scheduled a meeting for tomorrow with someone who has more computer savvy than me....and that could be anyone. "Bitch", I think is a just a smidgen jealous of "my bitch" and I see her lappy lights flickering and she WANTS to get in on the game of dual monitors, but then she takes a turn for the worse, and says she is "going to sleep." She is one lazy bitch. I feel a poem coming on:

Hey my name is Toshiba
And I'm Joan's little Lappy
But when I saw that big honking screen
I wasn't very happy.

What is wrong with my 17 inch screen?
This is what she always liked
But now that "her bitch" came along
I think I will call her a dyke.

Joan has my screen down
I'm stuck here and can't say a word
I'm trying to pull myself up so she will see me
How could my best friend, turn into a turd.

Even tho she has tried
To make me seem like a jerk
I still have the password
To her whole network.

If I get anymore bullshit
And she doesn't open my cover
I will be forced to
Kill her new lover

I'm planning a new fight
And have a new plan of my own
After she reboots
I will get rid of the drone.

Bye bye HP 22" mother monitor
I hope you had a good time
Because after this...
She's all mine.

That stinking little lappy, she must have been watching me trying make all the kids at Christmas play dead. Too much information. I can see the blue lights from her monitor flashing, this might not be good. I'm not opening the sucker, God knows what's going on in there.

Should I power down? Man I hate it when electronics rule your life. My cell phone just started ringing and there is no one there. She must have blue toothed it. heh or whatever. Now the lights in the house are blinking. Gord's GPS system started working and it still in it's box and hasn't been activated. HALP. God, I hope she didn't turn the furnace off.....aie ya ya yie. I will have to nip this in the bud and make late.....the printer is spewing out sheets of paper for no reason....someone call 911.


canuckabilly said...

well you could always give the 22" to me because I'm sure my desktop will handle it. then I won't have to be humiliated because I only have a 17" lol. Ok there's something going on in this town and I need to get to the bottom of this. Where are these moose coming from. Ya know the one you got...well yesterday I received a late Christmas present...yep you guessed it, a moose just like the one you got. he is kinda cute though. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas.

Brenda said...

Ya just can't let those electronic critters get the upper hand Miz Joan. Gotta show em who's boss, hahahahahahahahaha.

Dorie said...

I meant to ask- does this mean Desktop is up and running again?

Joan said...

Curtis...are you kidding I can't believe we got the same pressie. They shit all over the place... you gotta get a moose litter box the size of walmart to contain that. I can't believe someone gave that to you...and it wasn't me pal!! I gots me one of my own. What did you name yours? Should we mate them? Let me know because I think purebred mooses go for a big buck.