Thursday, December 27, 2007's over

Finally got all the Lutherans and Mennonites put to bed. No more visiting, eating and drinking this balonie will make. It's a done deal. A week of climbing all the steps in this house has left me with de ole bone she achesitis. I drug all my computer crap off the dining room table (which I normally use as my office desk) downstairs where my real office is supposed to be. Today, I drugged it all back up. Holy hell, it was much easier going down than it was coming up! Who knew a 50 lb. office chair could be so awkward while trying to make it go up the steps without that wheel base twisting away after every step. I think I broke my funny bone, because after I was finished....nothing was funny. So, I think I will burn something for supper. Everything should even out after that.

I'm having a taste of the one (of) ten bottles of wine we got for Christmas. My oh My, it's a wonderful Riesling. After drinking my home brew, it's quite a treat to drink "store bought."

This screen is sooooo big my eyes don't know which way to turn. It is so clear!! I just love it.

I tried to use it with my laptop, but no go. Might be video card problems. Shit. And guess what? You can hang this bad boy of the wall! Not that I will, but I can!

I got a 500.00 bonus at work for Christmas, so I'm thinking a new printer is in order. Then I wonder why we never have enough money to buy some decent furniture, when I go spending any extra money on electronics. Did I tell you I bought Gord a GPS system for his truck? I did. He loves it. Well, he will love it once he actually takes it out the box and starts using it. Too busy, so maybe this weekend. He loved the wrench I got him too. It has a battery in it and automatically finds the stuff you want to wrench..heh.. and grabs on to it. You don't have to use the little turning thingofamajig. Don't try this using your finger as your first experiment....because it will hurt. If you do...don't come cryin to me... I told you so.

HippyChick and her daughter showed up on Christmas eve for some drinks and foodies. I pretended I didn't know she was the ONE WHO LEFT CLIVE on my doorstep. My Christmas Moose. I told her the entire story, and then I pointed my pointyessfinger at her, and demanded she "fess" up....and she did. We were positively giddy ... while she told me how she got Clive and fooled the crap out of me. Curtis, you are off the hook. But, hey if you want to give a moose, I still have room for more mooses in my moose garage.

Here we are with our double chins for the world to see. And I'm looking a little uncomfortable with that hug. It also looks like someone sat on my head, kinda flat. However, Clive looks excellent. Thanks Janis that was great. I hope you will supply a moose pooper scooper in the near future, because between Ben and him, it's getting a little turdish around here. Gingerbread man likes to sit underneath Clive and watch them drop. When they do he sings another German song...jingle bells, moose shit smells... and he goes on forever.

I had all the Lutherans down yesterday. Even Gord's Tante Tine came. She is 92. She drank a small bottle of Irish Creme. She is amazing. Then she scarfed down my sweet and sour babee back ribs with basmati rice, 3 bean salad, Caesar salad, meatballs, chicken fingers, plus all the other crap I made. Oh yeah, then the herring, and other stuff before supper. I love her.

We had 5 kids running around all night between the ages of 2 and 13. The cousins just love playing hide and seek in my big downstairs. The older ones just love the younger ones and play with them all the time. When I was 13 my cousins and I would never play with the younger ones....we would quietly plot a way to poison them.

Here they are ...the littlest is missing in action. She was probably still doing "hide and seek" and nobody came to find her.

I got such a kick out a McKenna, she is the one in her nightgown. She hates clothes, they can't keep anything one her, so they brought her nighty with them. All night she wanted to be a dog like Penny. So every time I passed her, I said "Sit"..she sat..I said "Sit Pretty"..she sat pretty..I said "speak" ...she woofed.. I said "play dead"..she played dead...and then I walked away. That my friends is how you keep little kids quite.

We had a good evening. Although, the Lutherans did not eat all the herring. Maybe they finally have come to their senses.

I just can't get over this big screen. I didn't realize how hard it was for me to see on the little screen. I'm not saying I won't make anymore typo's...but this is wonderful.

I'm going to try to get online and keep up with everyone tomorrow. I have a pot roast simmering and I'm going to make hot roast beef sammiches and veggies for supper once Gord wakes up. He was tired tonight, so I told him to go bed and we will eat whenever the hell we want to. It's been a trying week or two with so many places to go. I'm sure glad I have the week off and now we might just start enjoying the week leading up to the new year....where we will do sweet fart all.


jazzi said...

What a great moose! Clive. The perfect name.
I've seen your comments now and then as I've stopped in at a variety of people, and just as I suspected, you are hilarious. I'm jazzi, a.k.a. Kim, glad to make your acquaintance!

Joe said...

Looks like they kept you busy girl! Happy New Year!

Bobbie said...

Love your new words to Jingle Bells....roflmao!!

Santa was very generous this year! I can't imagine having a screen that big! I got a new camera. Now all I have to do is figure out how to use it.

Hope you're relaxing after all the festivities.

Brenda said...

Sounds like loads of fun stuff went on at your house.

I finally got a bit of rest Wed. night, I went to sleep at 9:30 and didn't wake up until 9 the next morning.

Joan said...

Hi Jazzi! Welcome aboard my train that goes nowhere. And I'm honoured to make your acqaintance as well. Hope you had a great Christmas!

Hey Joe...Merry Christmas ole friend, and a wonderful new year. I hope you and your whole big family are doing well. Are you going to the lake for Christmas?

Bobbie, it's all about moose shiz around here. Hippychick better buy me a big ole shovel.
I'm trying to relax...but lordy I just can't I have so much I want to do every day before I go back to work I knock myself out. But, it's a good knocking out ..yaknow?

Brenda, yes this has been the best Christmas since my mom died 7 years ago. It finally felt right again, except for them dang rug rats running around my house hooping and hollering...just kidding I loved every minute of it. Especially when they played dead. heh