Sunday, December 23, 2007

I think I know the culprit

I think I know who the culprit was...HIPPY CHICK! She reads my blog, and she was the one who gave me Gingerbread man two years ago. heh...We haven't seen too much of each other this year because she moved to the country (long story)...anyway I know she trys to keep up with my life now that she spends most of it at her Ranch in Ridgeville Manitoba. A quaint little town of 20...thats counting the sheep. She is still working in the city 4 days a week until she retires next May ( I may be repeating myself) anywho....I'll bet my laderhosen it was her.

She is stopping by tomorrow...Christmas Eve, so I will "grill" her. She called me today and said she was looking out the window at the road that passes her house, and she saw and horse driven sleigh with a family riding through the Main Street of her little iddy bitty teenie tiny town.. too cool!

I am so exhausted, I promised myself I wouldn't do that this Christmas, but I did it again. I just finished cleaning this huge house from stem to stern, and did my laundry. I fading fast. But my new Eureka vacuum cleaner and I had a good day. We sucked the joint clean. I had a central vac system, but I guess over the years the brushes and what not were in need of throwing it the fuck out. I would have never believed the crap that lived in the fibres of my rug! This vacuum doesn't have a bag, so I can see the shit. And it's beater bars make we want to make out with it. Who knew I would fall in love with a vacuum cleaner. The dogs getting a little ticked with my obsession...and comes running after me when I turn it on, but once she found it could turn into a game... when I would suck the ball in the hose and use it like a bat and let the ball fly, she reconsidered her options. Do I growl at the vacuum cleaner, or do I bring it to Joan 5,690 times to suck it up and throw it? So, it took a long time to vacuum the mansion. But she got her exercise, as it was way to cold out today for the W.A.L.K.

Tradition is seeping in. Our friends from Ontario will be calling us tonight at 8:30 for our annual gab fest, and catching up on each other lives. We lived beside them before we bought this house 25 years ago, and have kept the tradition alive after the moved. Always good to hear from them.

I over decorated my house again. I was so happy last week that I hadn't gone overboard AGAIN.... but when it's gets closer to Christmas and I have the time off ... I fill my pants and do it over again.

Thursday, our neighbours hosted a wine and cheese party which were invited to. Actually it was for a neighbour two doors down who lost her husband a month ago. All the neighbours contributed to a huge stone angel for her back yard in memory of her husband. It was one of nicest party's I have attended. Trish had her house decked up in a very traditional style, and it was an old time Christmas theme. Birdie, the lady did not know we were all there for her, she thought we were just doing a get together for de old cul de sac. She was so moved. It almost broke ...even balonies heart...and she doesn't even have one. Anyway, fun, conversation, drinks and all ... it was excellent.. as was the wine and cheesiness. We didn't have to drive home...we just had to hold hands and walk back to our house...awwwwwwwwww..aren't we cute.

It's been busy. On Friday night we had our Company Christmas Party. It was excellent. I usually hate them..... but they had a magician. Had he been 40 years younger I would have considered marrying him. Holy moly, he was funny and did tricks too. He made two doves disappear ..ummmm fortunately not into my new every occasion "black pants." The food was so good for party restaurant fare... it almost tasted like homemade. It.was.really good.

Tomorrow we will be doing our usual Christmas eve shrimp and beef stir mit some noodles whatever...maybe rice....going to play it by ear... Hippy Chick is coming earlier, so I will make some treats.

Our friends just called..............see you later....Merry Christmas!!


Brenda said...

Merry Christmas Miz Joan!

JUST A MOM said...


Brian said...

Merry Christmas!

Phyllis said...

Merry Christmas Joan!!
Sounds like you are going to have a FUN day!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Joan! said...

Et Tu?

canuckabilly said...

HEYYYYYYYY...Merry Christmas

Special K said...

I call baloney: you like this way more than you let on. ;)

Merry Christmas, sweetpea. I tried to call you today, but I guess you got buried under your tree. Maybe Penny piddled on you, too. I don't know.

Are you having spaetlze? I love those.

Joe said...

LOL! Every one should have a red moose! Merry Christmas girl! Stay warm!