Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eat your hearts out

I am watching the "Ten Commandments" on Easter Eve...on a 50 inch TV!!

Moses had just realized he is a Jew...and is getting back to his roots......I'm trying to stay awake long enough to see the parting of the Red Sea.... because that is my favourite part. On a 50 inch TV!! I don't know why I think this is so great, I watched this movie in a little" show hall" as we called it those days in Altona a million years ago and it was in CinemaScope..much larger than this. Why am I so impressed? I think its the Carbon Monoxide talking.

Right now slaves are being whipped, so I have turned back to my computer.

When Gord and his bro set the TV up tonight, I was less than impressed. It looked so out of place in our little TV room off the kitchen. But as I sit in my little office across from it, I can't stop watching's so fricking big!!

oh is the part when Yul Brenner says....bring the Hebrew in.....and is charging Moses with treason, because he is the son of Hebrew slaves.

Okay, I'm taking my glass of wine and going to sit in my old lady chair in front of the TV and wait for the Red Sea to part, then I can go to bed. ...and I know I will laugh out loud , when all the water leaps out of the path of the people, oxen, horses and such, but I never get tired of it. I just love it. It always inspiring to me. Even though it looks a little phony.

Happy Easter everyone. ... as my dad used to say: Happy Easter ..up your kiester mister.....what a guy!!...and then we would have Rabbit for supper... he broke all the laws.


Judy said...

I can only imagine on that huge TV screen that the parting of the jello (that's what they used for the red sea) will look even more awe inspiring! I can remember the first time I saw this movie--at a drive-in with three little kids. it was raining and the youngest one cried for the entire 17million hours of the movie. My husband was not amused, having not wanted to go to the movie in the first place, but I will never forget it.

I watched some of too last night--great movie!

Poor Moses--after having to put up with those complaining people for 40 years, never even got into the promised land.

JUST A MOM said...


Poolie said...

Methinks you are a lot like your father!

Donna said...

Happy Easter Sweetie!! I Love the parting of the Red Sea...also Heston! He was a looker in those days...Enjoy that bodacious TV!!!hughugs

Dorie said...

Oh I'd love to see me some Yul Brynner on the big screen! Even if he was a rat in the story. Chuck wasn't bad back then either, come to think of it.