Thursday, April 16, 2009

Somebody should put me away

Oy...I just turned down the littlest and cutest boy scout "cub" (whatever) at the door. He wanted a donation for a project they were doing at the Community Centre.....and do you think I had a buck in my purse? No! I don't even have cheques fortheloveofmike...I use my debit card. I feel like a shit, and he had the longest eyelashes I have ever seen. And when he left he said "that's okay"... and just kept on looking down at his shoes. Whaaaa.. Gord isn't home yet, he is the guy who carries around the cash. I will have to go down to the centre and volunteer or something, because now I feel like a real dumbass. His mom was standing on the cul de sac watching him, and I bet she will be taking house numbers and cursing me for not giving that little cuteball a dime. He had badges and everything.

I don't buy the candy at the door anymore when the kids come promoting school outings etc., because ...I don't eat candy ... and plus the price of a chocolate bar has gone up a buck every year. Forgetaboutsellingmecandy...or Christmas wrapping, or dead frogs. Sometimes it gets a little too much. but this little feller was so cute I would have bought anything offa him, had I had a freaking cent in my pocket.

But...he looked so sad....I'm going to have save some dollar bills and tack them in the soles of my shoes for his sort of thing.

They don't take Mastercard... I asked...he said "huh"........ in his little "cub'" voice.

I hope the little "Cub" isn't mad at Auntie Joan..because he could grow up to be a big bear and burn down my house.


Poolie said...

Awwwww...dang! I know the feeling! Eyelashes will do that every time! And how come boys seem to have the best eyelashes?

Brenda said...

I hate when that happens especially when they are so cute. I never used to keep cash on hand but with so many younguns running in and out around here and forgetting money for this or that, I keep a little around just in case.

Judy said...

Yeah...well...they look innocent enough, but...

I have a plastic jug and I throw my change in there every Friday night. That way when "they" appear at my door I got something to give them and stave off any "tricks" they might want to pull later on.

Sally said...

Well, your heart was in the right place; I'm sure he saw that. (hopefully) hahhahaha

Donna said...

I Hate when that happens!!
Come back to My place!!!