Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On empty

I am having one of these weeks again.....I keep coming up empty. And with some flatulence I see. heh.. I'm just one big ole flat faced farty ole bitch with nothing to say.
I know what the problem is. I have to change my template. SHUT UP! I have to change it, but this time I have to do it by help from the professionals. It looks to fishy. No fault of the the talented "Jane" who made this one for me. This is what I asked for. I just need to junk it up a bit. I really miss looking around for new templates and screwing around with them. So, be forewarned, I'm out there looking for freebies again...or I might just attempt one of my own.

I'm feeling a little down for my friend hippychick and her sister. Hippychicks sister lost one of her three children.. a son.. a few years ago to an road accident, and today she is saying goodbye to her only daughter after a bout with cancer only diagnosed (40) days ago. She was 45. Hippychicks sister only has one son left. My heart breaks for her. Cancer dances on.
I can't get my mind clear these days, with the cancer dance. Gord's friend died two weeks ago, after being diagnosed two weeks prior....the cancer dances on....and on and takes all those you love to dance with.

Why???...and in such short time???
Now with all the talk about pandemics..when I was young they called them epidemics...
I remember polio very clearly when I was about 8 years old. There was no cure. And it spread very quickly though out the world. We lived in a small little town, and it touched us. Peter our next door got it and it crippled him for life. I can't imagine how scared my parents must have been for me and my brother. My parents talked about it, but not so much that it would scare us. I can't remember any precautions that were taken at that time. But I do remember when my cousin in Winnipeg got sick, they said "she had a touch of polio" I will never forget those words. I'm guessing she had a mild case. A few years later we were give a vaccine at school to prevent polio and TB. Before that there was no vaccines for chicken pocks, measles and the like...we just got them and got over it. I still have some scars. Now kids get inoculated when they are very young. I still remember one of our friends across the street who got whopping cough. You could hear him coughing from his house. It was tough. Mothers only did what they could with what they had.

Then there was "mumps"... "scarlet fever"... I knew kids that had all of that.
Later on in life...we always were told the boys who had the mumps would never be able to have children, and those that had scarlet fever would have heart problems... Small town talk, but I think it was probably close to right.
I remember feeling very sick when I had the chicken pocks. I was so hot, and hurt all over and itchy. My mom would keep on putting rags with cool water over me. I can't imagine how scared she was because I was born two years after she lost her first born daughter Dianna to Meningitis. No vaccine for that then either.

The best part of having the chicken pocks was once you were feeling well enough you had to were sunglasses when you went outside. I don't know why...but that is what my mom was told and she got me SUNGLASSES... I was thrilled!! No kid ever had sunglasses in our town....I don't think I took them off for about a year. Until the arms broke off...and I think I probably wore them on my nose and taped them to my head. I loved them.

So, we should all be grateful for the vaccines we have...and if they can help ward off stuff like the Swine be it. I was a little skeptical about it at first. But thinking back today, I changed my mind. I have never had the flu ... of any sort ever. I have had some bad colds and got all ached up and shit, but I have never had the flu as I understand some do.

Lets just hope for the best.
So....what the hell just happened here...I was on empty...and I managed to fill half the internet up with my shit.
Go to bed....jeez its late.............


Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Cancer just sucks. :( It's mean and dirty and doesn't play fair.

Nicole said...

Well I was going to make a comment but Andrea got it right on.

Brenda said...

Cancer is so evil and it takes away so much.

I remember having the bad measles when I was in 3rd grade. Grandma hung quilts over the windows to keep the sun out so the sun wouldn't do damage to my eyes. I was sick for 2 weeks with those nasty red bumps.

Dorie said...

One of my g-grandmothers lost 5 of her 8 children to various illnesses. Even with so much bad stuff, it's still better for us now.(most of the time) We got the flu in Maryland how- yikes!

Donna said...

I've got all the free sites on my blogroll if you want to look...I'm with you...I Like to decorate!hahaa
Sorry about Hippychick's family...geeeeezzz....bless her heart....sending her strength and love...hughugs

Judy said...

I had ALL the "childhood" diseases---escept Polio. I remember we couldn't go swimming on a really hot day and at the movie theatre, they put covers on the backs of the seats between shows--to protect our heads I guess?

Cancer seems to be all over the place lately--I have lost many friends with it in the last 12 months, and my best friend now has ovarian cancer--an especially nasty one.