Tuesday, April 07, 2009

That big TV is still in the box

I'm kind of scared of it. It's still sitting down in the living room. Today I read the spec's. It's 127 pounds. How are we going to get it up here? Plus all the new stuff on it...phew... we couldn't even figure out our Beta...no.. VCR...no..make that the DVD player... Now we will have to re program what is left in our depleted brains cells.

Give me a computer, and all it's components, I am on it like stink. But TV shit..not so much. Plus we are changing providers tomorrow....lord, I am going go have to go outside tomorrow and scoop up a 10 year old kid who is playing hockey in the cul de sac and ask questions. We aren't setting the big guy until this weekend. So, I will have to get the kid's card.

I truly don't look forward for a 50 inch TV flashing around a small space like this. But, Gord in all his wisdom thinks he is doing me a favour. He keep buying stuff I don't want. I really don't need to keep up with TV technology, because I really don't give a shit. Now, if we were talking computers it would be a different story. Television tells you the story, and you can't talk back. But when you are on the computer you are able to tell a story, whether you are on chat lines, blogs, email, facebook, twitter or whateeverthehellyouwanttobe. It's your story, your opinion, no matter how boring it might be. I find it so much more satisfying than sitting in front of the television most times. But, I have this thing. I feel like I am wasting my time watching TV. I really do. Maybe once I retire..hahaaaaaa...I will be able to relax and not be constantly be thinking about ...what I should be doing. I don't do that when I write my blog, because I have carved out a small time line a few times a week to do that. But give me a good British Comedy, or a good movie I will sit down and watch it in spite of myself. And now, it will be on a 50" screen. I think I will have to put on my sunglasses. And suck it up.


Donna said...

If you have men at your shop, throw a small party, invite them over, and tell them you need the TV moved...Hahaaa...better be some good food on that table!!
And I'm with 'ya about watching TV...I watch the news...British comedy, when I can find it...British mystery..when I can find it...British...oh well, you get it!!hahaaa....Happy night sweetie!hughugs

Brenda said...

I'd have to buy a house big enough to hold a 50" TV but I sure wouldn't mind one a little bigger than this 32" un.

I like Donna's idea.