Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am so sick and tired

Of Norton.

I have automatic renewal. Does it work. No. I'm taking this shit off of here and going back to AVG. Yes, my credit card expired last year, and I tried and tried to give them my new one. Apparently Mastercard (Canadian Tire Mastercard) want you to put all sorts of codes on it. I found all the codes on the back of the card, but NOOOOOOO...THAT WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Give me a freaking break. I love that they are protecting me, but when finally you can't even figure out whatinthehell they want...I just give up. I really do.

I need a drink.

The same thing happened to me with my laptop two weeks ago...finally I just switched cards and found one that didn't want 1,456 different security codes to process my order. Hey, it takes a lot to make me mad, but I KNEW I was going to have problems with them again. Screw it.

I'm going to ditch this computer very shortly anyway, and I will just use AVG until the time comes. I'm hot! Nothing makes me madder than Norton.

Rant is over.

The rain this past weekend has finally got rid of the snow. What is left is disgusting. My back yard looks like a swamp, or a slew.. take your pick. The birds are on acid. They are trying to eat, screw and find nesting material all at the same time. Normally I keep my patio door open for Penny to come in and out as she pleases this time of year, but I was seriously worried about the birds flying in the house. They were nuts.

My favourite pass time this time of year is watching my anal neighbour. (notice the use of the letter u) sorry it's a Canuck thing. Anywho, the guy is unbelievable. We only have had one warm day, and he is raking his frozen back yard. And he is throwing tree branches over the fence that he has deemed as "our branches" from our trees. If you thought Norton pissed me off tonight, this guy almost put me over the edge. I was waiting for him to go back into the house, and I was going to go outside and inspect the branches... to see if they came from our trees. But that stupid asshole just kept on scraping the ice off his grass. lordyloveadink!!

Even though I was pissed off, I left the branches where he had thrown them, BUT tomorrow, when I INSPECT them and if they don't look like my branches, ...over they go on his side. He's been doing this for 10 years now, and finally I'm going to take action. Maybe just one or two branches at a time and slowly increase the amount. Just to see if he thinks they..fell from the tree lately.. I'm going the screw with his head. And, I will mark them to see if they come back on my side!!

Heh, I love this shit. I know he is a work during lunch time, and I'm at home, so that's when I will be doing my sleuthing. I'm going to put a little yellow marker on all my branches, and if they come back....it's gotcha time. But I still don't know what I will do after that. I'm not good at confrontation, so what I need to do is get a Voodoo doll with his name on it and stick pins in it. Yeah, that's so much better than yelling at him.

So, basically what I am saying is: I'm not going to do shit all, and I will spend a lot of time marking and throwing branches around. It seems like a waste of time, but I just want to "win"...and if I see my marked branches coming back over the fence...I still win..because I was right. But on the downside I can't tell him I win.

So, do I win?

Note: We are moving next year, so I won't see him again.


Brenda said...

Ha! If you win, I'll tell him you win. I don't like confrontations either until I've had just enough and then I'll go at it with a blazing tongue. :-)

I Love your description of the birds' mating ritual.

cocoabean said...

save all the branches, and toss them back over the day you move. That will show him!! As for Norton, I always considered it to be more of a virus than some of the viruses..

Judy said...

I like AVG much better than Norton, so...go with it. As for the branches...what an a**hole. When my neighbors tree branches fall on MY yard I figure they are MY job to pick up. Just like when my leaves blow on the neighbor's lawn east of me--he rakes them up--while I am raking the leaves from the neighbor west of me. Ah--such fun.

Donna said...

I had the SAME problem with Norton!!! Hate it!! I finally ended up calling them and they led me through the process...
Throw those branches Girl!!!Hahaaa...hughugs
PS-What is AVG?

Poolie said...

You do SO win! Huzzah!

Joan said...

Donna AVG is a virus protector, and you can get the smaller version for free or pay for the bigger one. They have been around for a decade. They have a good rep.

Joan said...

I know Poolie...that bastard will not wear me down.