Sunday, April 19, 2009


I've have been at the computer and at the books for seven straight hours.

hewwo.. I have been at the computer and at the books for seven straight hours...
hewwo.. I have been at the computer and at the books for seven straight hours... okay shut that damn thing off!

I am our accountants biggest nightmare...heh. And I am my worst enemy. Why, do I always leave it to the last moment..why, why why? okay shut that thing off too!!

I was talking to my old blogger friend KAT last week and she asked me why I always leave everything to the last moment...and I do! I said "like a dummy" I work better under pressure. She, who is the queen of lazy saw right through my feeble excuse. Damn I hate that. I am the queen, king and monkey of procrastination. Not so much with the lazy as much as I always put off what I don't like doing...forever. I will paint the entire house if it gets me out of putting numbers on my computer. I never used to be like that. I enjoyed trying out new accounting software program, testing out excel spreadsheets, but no so much anymore. I have most of them figured out so once the challenge is gone...apparently so is my attention span.

But I did create a new excel spreadsheet that I thought would save me time entering a lot of data in Quicken. It did and it didn't...because I was having so much fun creating it, I could have entered all that stuff in long before I finished taking the bugs out of the spreadsheet. Just another procrastination tactic. The funny...not really.. thing is, but I don't even realize I am doing it until ...oops ... I look at the time and go...WTF. Then I play with the dog, check for cob webs, and stand at the patio door and wait for my neighbour to throw over a branch on my yard.

It only takes a few kids on the street playing to distract me when I'm at home... or a bird..or piece of lint floating through the air. When I'm at work, and the office is full of Electricians and office peoplekins...I have no problem. I tune them out. I'm in the zone. Not so much at home.

I am attributing this ..uhh lack of motivation or to wearing my "Santa Pants" during the weekends. Perhaps they have magic powers? Now that I think of it, I always feel drawn to the basement when I am doing the accounting, and that is where the Christmas tree lives. And this year I didn't pack it up in a box, I just took off the decorations and put it in utility room. Plus, I didn't pack up my big Santa, I just left him the back bedroom on his own. Good God, no wonder, he is after my pants...just look at him. He wants me.

But in retrospect, I'm thinking that it's this 50" sonofagun that is taking up a little more of my time than I am used to.

Lord, she is lovely. And not blurry like in the pic. I'm just a fast picture taker.

Back to the books. Just got to reconcile and bunch of shit, but it will be ready for the accountant by Tuesday. Then we only have to wait a week two and throw up, when the final numbers are crunched and we will know how much we will have to pay.

Meanwhile... my husband is at the shop burning stuff in a barrel. We are doing a reno on the LITTLE HOUSE... if you remember the one that was trashed by one of our tenants.

Gord has become obsessed with burning the old wood the carpenters throw out "in a barrel"..which is not allowed by the City. We are on the outskirts, but still!! Finally today he took at whole bunch of stuff to the dump...but he is still burning. I'm hoping the city will figure it out and fine him $500.00 because he is nuts.

The doors to the Asylum are wide open...and someone needs to walk through them. Men.


Brenda said...

I procrastinate too so I'm the Princess of procrastination if you're the Queen.

Donna said...

Miz Joan! You're a winner in the giveaway!! I need your address!hughugs

Joan said...

What.......holy shit I won something. I will there in a flash.

Susan said...

Thats quite the beauty of a TV. Now You wont have to worry about loosing yur glasses on your head.
Is that litle stand strong enough?