Monday, April 06, 2009

The Ruskies were back.

The Russians were back to fix the outside of the house today. Now that we have a little warm weather. There was much Hugging and kissing, and drinking of the vodka at lunch time when we got home. Okay, no drinking of the vodka, and no hugging and kissing. But we did get hearty handshakes. The job only took about 4 hours so they were gone by the time I got home, and I was pleasantly surprised by their shoddy workmanship. I can't believe these guys, they DO NOT know how to caulk. Caulking is easy. They did a bang up job with all the wood work they had to do etc., but when it came down to caulking they flunked. Our bathroom looks like a grade fiver smeared putty on the edges of the surround panel.

Tonite when I came home, they had finished off the outside wood work but it needed putty on the window frames where they had nailed it...and it looks like someone put their hand on one side of their nose and blew a big horking booger in the crevices. And then after they ran out of booger juice, it looks like they took a diarrhea dump on the remaining panels on the front step. Apparently Russians are frugal, and see no need to seal off with any sealant made by Home Depot when bodily fluids will do the job.

This is the new overhang on the front step ... and they done good here. It was rotten, and now it looks unrotten. It's was ugly to begin with. I guess this was popular in the 80's when we bought the house... It really serves no purpose other than loading up with snow in winter and dumping it on your head when you go outside.

The window frames have booger snot on them. Apparently they added some stain before they blew.

Or... they backed up and took there pants off and blew a dirty fart. If they did that, I congratulate them, for getting on the target. Practice makes perfect.

And here they very carefully had squirted diarrhea between the mouldings and the side of the porch. But it looks like they were running low. I should have left them snacks.

All kidding aside, they did good. We paid them in rubles...was that wrong?


Donna said...

GoodLord!! Don't you just hate having to Fix-Up After the fixer uppers Leave???Hahaa....Happy day sweetheart!!! Don't work too hard!hughugs

Judy said...

They should have done better--the way our economy is now--Rubles are probably worth more than the American dollar.

Poolagirl said...

Boogers Boogers Boogers! Once again, you crack my shit up!