Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hi Def

Remember this awkward space? Our little TV room off the kitchen?

Well guess what we bought today to make it look even more awkward

Something will have to go. I'm hoping there is a lot of Styrofoam in that box. Because it is seriously huge. 50 fricking inches. And we just blew off our "Bell" dish and went with a local provider which will be cheaper and gives us a ton more of channels. So, I might just be watching TV instead of blogging for awhile. Nah that will never happen. I'm very picky with the television watching. I just watched Pride and Prejudice for the 10th time, while getting our bookwork together for tax time. I can still do two things at once. I'm all prepped for the long weekend and will be doing my usual marathon of number crunching for three days.

It is still very cold here, I just can't believe it. I guess that is a good thing because the spring thaw will slow things down, and flooding will be a little less. I hope. Today the winds picked up and as I was getting out of my SUV at the store it took the door and smashed it in the the next car. OOPs. I checked the car and it only looked like it scraped off some of the dirt on it. I don't think I did any damage....but I got out there really fast. The wind was so strong it just took the door right out of my hand. There is not a clean car in this city, nor a car of truck that doesn't have major damage to the under carriage....with all the pot holes in the pavement.

I have my route to work figured out. If you would be driving behind me you would think I was a drunken ole bitch. I know where every pot hole is and I weave around them. I should be a Nas Car Driver...because I'm getting good at this. Paul Newman would give me the the two thumbs up. I usually drive in the left hand lane going to work, and the trick is to watch your passenger side mirror so you don't drive that asshole next to you off the road when you are doing your dipsie doodle manic looking drive, because you could graze him. There is nothing more scary in the the morning than drivers who looked glazed over, and are sipping coffee, and on their cell phones. You certainly don't want to take about 2 inches of their space, because they are on auto pilot. These are the guys who clunk through every pot hole on their lane, and have coffee all over their faces, and third degree burns on their private parts.

I read a sign on a church post said "when the snow melts what happens to the white?" I'm thinking even the clergy is questioning God's plan this spring.

And by the way, we got a free 10 lb turkey at Super Store today when we bought our TV. Plus we used all the points we had there... plus coupons we had.. and we only paid about 600.00 bucks for the TV. Including taxes.... We rock. and we have a dead turkey. The Easter ham, has turned into turkey again.... Canadians can't get enough turkey.

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Donna said...

WoW!! Great buy AND a dead bird?!!!!Hahaaa....We love turkey too...We'll be closed on Friday...hopefully closing Early on Thursday...It's a little...slow here!
Happy Monday sweetie!!hughugs