Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's done...........

I took the afternoon off work. If I start looking for stuff late at night all I do is get frustrated...and lets not talk about Gord badgering me because "hey"... we have to have it in to the accountant by Friday. Damit...I know....I came home to a nice quite house, the dog didn't even notice me come home. She was snoring in the waterbed. And I had time to think. I got it all figured out.

I feel so free. That monkey is off my back.

And lets just see if I have learned my lesson this year, and do my accounting on a monthly basis instead of doing it at the end of the year. It's already April, so that means if I want to catch up I have to do 4 months worth of accounting right now!!! well I don't think so, because I'm all burned out from doing last years. And so goes my world of procrastination.

Screw it. Live for moment. Then bitch about it later.


Anonymous said...

Eat ice cream first! If this comment comes up twice, it's because I have caused your comments section to clone itself.

Brenda said...

You've got months to catch up, right?

Donna said...

Oh Good! At least you're down to 4 months! I have to do it monthly...I'd cut my throat if I had that facing me at the end of the year!lolol
Happy sleep sweetie!hughugs