Thursday, April 23, 2009

When one good thing happens...crap follows right behind it

After my celebration last night. It all went to shit overnight.

Around 2:00 AM I woke up and noticed my alarm clock was off. I thought the power had gone off in our area. I got up and checked outside and all the street lights were on, and lights from neighbouring houses were as well...sowhatthehell?

I poked Gord. Then he farted... and kept on snoring, so I poked him again, this time a little more gently, and he woke up with out passing gas. I told him the power was out in the house but the street lights were lit up! He lay there grumbling for a bit, while I got up again and tried to turn on the bedroom lights. I went into the kitchen and turned on the lights and they came on! Strange. He finally go up and we started to switch every fricking light on in the house. Some came on...some did not. Click, click, click. HUH? So, he went downstairs and checked the breakers and everything seemed to be fine. Nothing made sense. After that he went outside to his truck to get his meter to see if the electrical panel in the house had the right power coming to it. IT.DID.NOT. Everything was running on 120Volts, so the fridge, freezer etc. were not running. They need 220 volts. Fuck.

So we had to call Manitoba Hydro inthemiddleofthe freaking night.... to come and check our power.

The strangest part was when we were having lunch at home that afternoon before this happened, I was standing at the patio door (which was open) because my spoiled dog needs to come in and out as she pleases...and then I opened the fridge (which is right by the door) to get out some luncheon meat...when I heard a huge "pop" like someone was opening a can of coke but 20 times louder it scared the crap out of me .....meanwhile Gord was sitting at the table and was opening a can of diet lemonade, and I said to him...holymoly...there was a lot of pressure in that can...and he said I haven't even opened it yet! So, something must have blew then, and only showed up later at night.

So, we don't expect any miracles when you call Hydro that late at night...but they were here in 20 minutes. They just told us to go back to bed and they would take care of it. They turned off the power to the entire house and started to work on it.

Well, they were here the major portion of the night. The outside wall where the hydro comes in the house is right beside our bedroom. There was drilling, nailing, and men talking loudly out there for 3 hours. At one point they called in for another truck to bring in something, and our whole house was floked..ha ha..I meant to write "flooded" with amber emergency lights. (I'm tired) It looked like a war zone. Finally I had to close the curtains and the bedroom door. And we tried to go back to sleep. Finally around 4:00 AM we heard all our hydro coming back up. A hundred little beeps from every electronic appliance we have started to chirp. So, I got up again, for the 4,567th. time and went into the bathroom for the 4,567th. time to get my glasses so I could see where the fuck I was going. I needed to put my alarm back on my clock in the bedroom...because I didn't want to be late for work. I was so tired. That didn't go so well. I fumbled around there for about 10 minutes and hoped for the best. If I would only have put back up batteries in my alarm clock...I wouldn't have to worry about shit like this...would I? ....No, I steal those batteries when I need them for my camera or something else very important. Dumb ass am I.

So, the moral of this story is, if one day turns out good, the night will stink it up.


Brenda said...

Oh Lordy, it surely is always something around your place Miz Joan. I hope you can sneak away from work early and get a nap in today!

Donna said...

Did you get to get off early and get that nap?? Geez What a night That was!!! Get some sleep this weekend sweetie!! I could always send Jose your way!!hahaa...night!hughugs

Donna said...

Just checking on you! Hope all's well!!hughugs