Monday, April 27, 2009

The weekend was busy

I was catching up on my housework, laundry and shopping. The best news is that Penny has done such a turn around with her arthritis problems she is bugging me to play with her outside "all the time." She is even jumping up on the sofa, and climbing the stairs. So, this is so good...I play with her every night outside when I come home from work. I still kind of back off, because I don't want to overdo it. But, she seems to only do what she is capable of. The next step is going for a walk. She hasn't been able to go for a walk since last June when everything went to hell. What I am going to do is drive her to the park a few blocks down and then we will go from there. I think walking on the pavement to the park might be a little hard on her just I will take it one day at a time. little baby steps.

As you know "It's Always Something" around here........On Wednesday we didn't sleep a wink because our power went off and we had to wait for it to be when Saturday morning rolled around we were going to try to catch up on our sleep. Missing a nights sleep catches up with you. Plus I had a very stressful week with taxes etc.

That did.not.happen. Sonofabitch! At the "ass crack" of dawn we get a call from my boss, who is vacationing at a remote cottage telling us that the Alarm company had detected a illegal entry in our building. (note: Gord owns the building). So, boss couldn't come back to check what was going on. So, poor ole Gord had to get his pants on....At the ASS CRACK of dawn, and drive to the shop. It was one of the bosses employees...who at the best of times can't remember his name, never mind the freaking alarm code and kept on punching in codes he thought it might have been the right one who set off the alarm.

I broke his "alarm arm" this morning at our Monday morning safety meeting. He won't be punching in random numbers anymore. Sometimes I just shake my head. He is a electronic genius, but sometimes lives in his own world of electronics. And the poor guy spends more time apologizing for not getting in his time sheets and work sheets in time.

Anyway, I have been away for so long I almost forgot I have a place to complain about my aches and pains...and you are it:

So, here you go: My toenails hurt. I think I have a Mexican toe virus. So, if you are reading this you may have been infected. I'm not trying to be funny...well a little I guess, but I think the media is once again trying to get everyone in the world a little too crazy. It really pisses me off. It's not like we don't have enough to worry about with all the other diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc. And good grief, you can't even put your TV, or Radio on without getting inundated with warnings about every possible thing that could happen to you. I get it already!

It's really hard to just "Have a Good Day."

So, I solved my toe problem...I bought bigger shoes. I'm fine.

This solved some of my angst ... some good nephew Damon just got a dog for his family's a babee lab and his name is Marshmallow, because he has a little white piece of fur on his head. I think they are going to change his name... I love the name marshmallow, but you know these youngins these days his name will probably be Choen..yeah that's what they doesn't have any imagination at all. What the hell is Choen? I am surprised they didn't try to put a "Y" in it..Choeyn. Damn kids these days...anyway he is a sweetheart and I can't wait to meet him. They have 3 kids that were just peeing their pants today waiting for him to come home this afternoon. They have never had a dog before, so this is going to an adventure. Damon's wife Jen had labs before they were married so she is familiar with raising dogs so at least it won't be a huge surprise when the dog pisses in her kitchen.

I just want to kiss his face all over.

Let's take a Internet opinion poll...should his name be Marshmallow or Choen? I will let them know what the results are.


Anonymous said...

Pffft! It isn't even a contest! Marshmallow is the only name!

Nicole said...

Marshmellow all the way! He looks like a big marshmellow fluff (caramel color of course)

Brenda said...

Awww, for sure Marshmallow. When he gets big they can shorten it to Marsh.

I agree about the panic about every little thing that the press causes. I also think there were just as many tornadoes and bad thunderstorms a couple of decades ago as now but they didn't have all this danged equipment and media to scare us with then.

Donna said...

It's just so we'll take our eye off the REAL problems...Nancy Po-LIAR (pelosi) about the torture briefings...She Knew!! And it can be proved!!GRRRRRRRR!

Marshmallow! I'm with Brenda...Marsh for short. Poor Gord...We have a guy just like that, Here..hahaa...hughugs