Sunday, March 18, 2007

Baking crap and no TV makes for a sad balonie

It's been a quite day. No TV! We have had been getting rain mixed with snow, and it all stuck to our "thing of a ma jig" ..hmmm "dish" on the roof. I tried throwing wet snowballs at it to get the snow off, and damn near put my arm out. I must have thrown 20 balls up there, and missed 15 times, and the other five didn't do much good. I gotta get into shape, I'll never make the major leagues at this rate.

I got up early this morn because I knew it was time to start putting our tax stuff together for the end of April. I spent all day doing bookwork, and got a few days left to complete it all. I have to get better organized, so I don't always get so stressed at the last moment.

We are still on "save Gord from himself" while eating smarter. He has been excellent and hardly wrinkles his big nose at my food preps anymore. Except yesterday, when I made fresh salmon with wild rice. It was great!! I love it. But, if fish tastes "fishy" it's all over for him! I ususally bake Basa or other mild fish which he can tolerate, but he didn't like this one. Gawwwd it was so delcious. So, I guess I will have to cook up the rest of the fillets for myself. His loss. I have been doing a lot of experimenting lately with our diet, and of course some is good and some is not so good (don't get me started on my first try at muffins). I know all the in's and out's of eating smarter. I cook that way at home anyway, but his horrible habits of eating cheeseburgers, everyday, plus having a huge bag of chips at this side in the truck did nothing but make him fatter and fatter, and cancelled out what was happening at home.

We had this all under control 10 years ago, but it went to hell for him. I, don't like fast food anyway, but I know I was eating way to much pasta, cheese etc. at home when he wasn't there. God I love spagetti. And the pizza's on Friday were both our downfall.

So today for lunch I surprised him, we got up late and only had a muffin and coffee for breakfast. I made Turkey Bacon sandwiches! By god it's good, Mikey even liked it. We had Turkey Bacon, tomato and "Egg Creations" sandwiches. The Egg Creations come in a pint sized jug .. and they are only egg whites with some kind of yellow colouring, but hey,they are good when all compressed in two pieces of toast along with fake bacon, fake mayo and real tomatoes. We were smiling.

Tonites supper IS: Lazy Man's Cabbage Rolls. Just like in the day. It's got all the good stuff in it, I just make sure the hamburger is very lean. I still make all my old favorites, but keep the fat to minium. You shouldn't have to change every damn thing, because then you loose your will to want to get to your goal weight. I make sure we always have something on hand that is satisfying.

So...have a gander...

Excuse the dishes under the cutting board, that is where I hide them if the dishwasher if full. I think someone should cut off my hands for being such a bad housewife. No...cut off my ...nevermind I'm getting a little punchy. Time for Lazy Man's

Yummy Banana and blueberry muffins. You don't wont know what I did to my first batch of muffins, I must have been on some mind altering drugs, but they tasted like sawdust. I got the recipe from stupid book I bought at Safeway. I think I was still in shock and was very vunerable ...I'm over that now. The day after I made them I left a banana and a one of my wonderful um muffins for Gord on the table for breakfast, so he could have them with his coffee, and he phoned me at work and asked me if I was trying to kill him!! I think it was the shredded carrots in there that really took the "muff" out of muffins. Crappola my friends... I think I probably didn't shred them fine enough and they were "a little burnt' and stuck up his nose. I have never been good at baking. So this is my first trip down this road. I'm good at pies, but....I don't think I'll be making them anytime soon.

See you all well.

Where is my mom when I need her?

She must of just heard TV just came back on...thanks Mom!!

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