Sunday, March 25, 2007

I spoke to soon.

The water started to rush in this morning, with a vengence. I have been down there on the half hour, with the shop vac cleaning it out. Fuck!

Gord decided to take the gyp rock off the wall, and we saw a huge crack in the cement along side of it. That is where it has been coming from all the time. Spring run off is in high gear right now, so if the last three years were an indication, we won't be getting much sleep this week! We tried to repair it with a cement mixture that would tolerate water, but it hasn't seemed to stem the flow. I have about 30 towels on the floor, just so I can get a break, and then go back down and put them in a bucket, take them to the washer to spin the water out, and start all over again. Then I had to get my laundry done in between that...awwww. I am more than exhaused. The basement is three floors down. Don't ever buy a three level split house. Ever.

I don't want Gord to be stressed over this, so I am trying do more than my share, so he doesn't worry too much. I will sleep in the guest bedroom downstairs, so I can get up every two hours or so and run down to vac the shit out. Fuck! oh, did I say that already?

Sunday night supper: who gives a crap!

Update tomorrow!!

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