Friday, March 16, 2007

Just a note to my blogging friends

I took all your wise advise, and told the telemarketers to take us off their phone list, since then, the phone has been silent. It's a little scary. I have to pick up the phone every now and again to make sure it working. Finally, I have some peace. I know the CRTC here in Canada are going to come down on them very soon, so maybe they are backing off. It was a living hell. We had at least 4 a night and when I came home for lunch during the day, I would be answering the phone at least twice in that hour.

So, thanks for all your advise, I appreciate it.

I made homemade whole grain pizza buns for supper tonight. I know it's getting old for Gord, but I made them a little different than I did the last two weeks, today I put them in a new pan. HA, it's different, isn't it??????????? Same shit, different pan. Hey, I like them!! Get used it it buddy! It's really hard getting low sodium pepperoni. I don't think God has invented that yet. I thought of boiling it, then sitting on it for about an hour to get the salt out of it. But, I didn't want to pucker up my ASS. That is the only firm part of my body!!! The highlight of the evening will be with the fat free, sugar free ice-cream/with a banana. I might make a smoothy with it in the blender to make it taste better.


Till Sunday supper...

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