Monday, March 19, 2007

You know the the snowballs I threw yesterday?

WELL, it screwed up my knee. It hurts like a bitch. I must of leaned on it in the wet snow to get some leaverage, and hurt the damn thing. I found out later, it didn't do any good anyway, the satellite signal was out, not my iced up dish. Dumbass balonie was giving me all the wrong signals. I hate her. She probably screwed up my carrot cake muffins. She's been messing with my head all weekend.

I had to laugh the other day, our nephew Chris called from British Columbia to see how his Uncle Gordie was doing, and when I answered he said "Hi Balonie"...awwwww ..he gave me the name. I had almost forgotten that.

Well, those lazy man's cabbage rolls, sure kept me "regular." I could have shit through the eye of a needle this morning. It's all with the cabbage.

Maybe I should change the name of my blog, to "It's Always About the Bowel Movement."

I'm sure you would be flocking over here to see my next one.

We are have pork tenderloins tonight...with salad and and good attitude.:)

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