Friday, March 23, 2007

Sure signs of spring

** It's raining

** The geese are flocking

** Masses of dog shit that are heaving in the back yard and destroying the ozone layer.

** Poor dead little birds under my window on the deck who thought that it was the stairway to heaven.

** My creepy neighbour who emerged, looking as creepy as he did last year.

** Snowbanks that look like they need a good scrubbing. All the dirt is just disgusting.

** Melting snowpersons. The neighbours SP just lost his nose, I saw the carrot on the ground. But by the next day it was gone. The bunnies got it. Don't you just love recycling?

** Penny. She has shifted into spring mode. All she wants to do is play outside, but the backyard is still a sorry mess, and I can't get out there until all the snow melts. Unless I want to sink up to my ass in the soft snow, shit, broken branches, and misc. obnoxious crap that has accumulated over this stinking winter.

** I mentioned the crows before. I think they found me. I threw a rock at them. Bastards.

** I'm just waiting for the basement to flood again like last year. You all remember Gord reshoring our patio blocks last summer, so it wouldn't happen again. Let's cross our fingers he did it right and sloped them all down the right way. I'm surprised he didn't have AN INCIDENT last summer, because it was a huge job.

I'm just loving listening to the the soft rain. This spring more than most. I have taken so much for granted over the years, and sweated the small stuff. Change is hard, but yet so easy when you put it all in perspective.

Gord and I have been having breakfast, lunch and supper together ever since THE INCIDENT, and today he wanted "off the leash". He is getting a little sick of my low cal food. When he got to the shop this morning, he said he was going to go to the family restaurant next door and have his usual Friday Bacon and eggs. I looked at him, and said, "I can't stop you"...but you know it's not the right thing to do. He hemmed and hawwed...and said "can't I have it just once a month"? I said, yeah, but the month ain't up yet since you had THE INCIDENT. So, he went back into his office and did some work, and came back an hour later eating an orange. He had changed his mind. Yes, I know it was a guilt trip, but he loves fast food (hamburgers) way too much. I asked him later, if he was coming home for lunch, and he said no, because he had a call that would take him over the lunch hour. I said that was okay, he could just come home and have some left over Chili and toast.

Around 4:00 PM when he came back to the shop, he said he had gone to Tim Hortons for lunch and had a bowl of Chili and a whole wheat bun and a coffee. He was almost looking down at his feet as he was telling me this...poor guy. He didn't fail. It's better than eating hamburgers!!

What I don't understand is that I had a huge batch of chili in the fridge I had made on Wednesay, and he didn't like it. He said it didn't have any "taste." Well, the only thing I am doing diffently now, is I am using "no salt" tomatoes. He prides himself in never using salt at the table, welll...yeah....I never put salt in my recipes either, but all the crap I use to make has it has so much salt in it, it could kill a crow. He is missing the salt...and that is why he enjoyed the chili from Tim Hortons. No, I think that is a lie.

He just wanted some freedom, and make his own choices. It's a fine line I lead. It's only been a month, so we will have our ups and downs, but we will work this shit out.

Have a good weekend....hey..did you see the new template..surprise!!! balonie made it, she is worse than salt, she rules me.

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