Thursday, March 15, 2007

More whining

All is well at Chez Martin.

I almost felt good enough today to change my template. I had an itch. But my boss came back too soon from his meeting, and screwed me up. So I will wait until the weekend and see if the "itch" is still there.

I have lost 15 pounds since Christmas!! I didn't realize it until I bought a scale on Saturday. I weighed myself at a friends house during the holidays and knew how much I weighed, and when I bought the scale on Saturday, I was shocked. But, now that I think of it my pants were falling off me bones, and I never much paid attention. I gain weight in my upper body first, and my skinny ass and legs never get the puffy stuff to match the rest of my body, therefore making me look like ummm much larger on top than the bottom. It's hard to describe. Try Lollypop. So as of today I am 150 lbs. My goal is 140. I have been down to 135 before, but I look a little weasel like then. We will see.

Tomorrow Gord and I are going out for his first fast food adventure since the INCIDENT. So, far he has been coming home for my low cal lunches. We will be going to Subway. He has been fast fooding it for so many years and I know he misses it. So, to ease his mind from only eating my low cal, salt free menu, we will actually get someone else to "bring it on." 1/2 a sub..only. (on whole wheat) Because I will be present and kick his ass if orders more. And if he has a melt down, shucks, I will bring along a nice little fruit cup we can have for dessert. HAA

awwwwwwwwwwwww this is so hard.

But, this too shall pass.

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