Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is it me?

It looks like what I had to say yesterday was so important,that I had to post it twice. I don't get it. Blogger gobbled up my Monday post and doubled up my Tuesday post. There is bloggershit in the air. I can smell it. Arseholes. So, I ask myself, "what do they want, their money back"? ummmm, no... I just want perfect service FOR NOTHING!! I have become a witchy bitch.

But, I have become something else as well, a lousy cook. Okay youse guys, try cooking with only a minimum amount of salt and fat OMG. I spend more time reading labels than I do making sure I have clean underwear on my bum.

Have you ever read the labels on all the stuff we purchase? It's mind boggling. I have caught on to much of it already, but every manufacturer has a different take on how much of what they put on what the label represents. I can buy a can of tomatoes for example, and one manufacture will put the salt content in "as per 2 tsp" and the other will put it in as 1/3 a cup." and rest will fuck you up with grams and mg's until you want to take that can and throw it at somebody who looks like mangement. So, how can you figure it out? Some of them are very tricky, and when you think you are buying something good for you, you see that you can only have a "lick of the spoon".. for all the salt content in the product.

I guess it's all about trying to make what's good for us from scratch. But, as a still working 61 year old, that is very tiring, and the industry knows it, and they know the younger generation who are stressed out having kids and jobs etc. need a fast way to make supper. Therefore poor choices. For them and their children.

I have always been aware of fat content in anything I buy, but I was very neglegent with the salt content until now. I didn't realize Gord had high blood pressure, until the INCIDENT, and salt is a bummer in his case. He of course was his worst enemy with his eating habits during the day...but I guess even if I would have made low salt meals at home it would still have happened. Hippychick, tells me over and over not to blame myself, but I do. I love to kick my own ass!!

BTW... I just checked and I have two of the same posts again ... huh? I had to delete the second one.

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