Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It was American Idol or blogging

I chose blogging. It's on in the background, but I keep swivelling my head to watch the TV...and it's starting to hurt.

Oh...what was I saying... Hi!

Things are going very well around here. It's amazing how much has changed. Diet, attitudes and some kind words. I took a long look at myself, and how I approached every crossroad in our lives. Before it only took a few minutes after he walked into the house after work, and brought home the days paperwork, and he would ask me a question .."if this was paid" or something like that...and I would fly off the handle. I was just tired after a long days work ...just wanted to sit in front of the computer and blog a bit before supper with no stress. But, what I forgot, he had just come off a long day of his own and maybe wanted to talk about stuff, and not see the back of my head while I was typing.

We are both to blame for getting on each other nerves, we are so used to treating each other with a little disdain when things get rough. I had forgotten how to be kind, and loving. For a long time. You get into a pattern, and it escalates. I did my thing, he did his. And I knew a long time ago this was wrong, but I didn't do much about it. I realize I am not totally responsible for his condition, but I ignored much of it. Time lost. Things have been so much different, when I don't get all crazy over anything he proposes or thinks about. My hyperness certainly has had an effect on him. I have to realize I was not the only problem, all his friends and family always came to him for help; for fixing appliances for NOTHING, or just support, and he was always there to help. I think sometimes, I was jealous, he spent more time with them, than with me..and I started to shut him out.

I am working on it. We will fix this together. I have held my head in the sand way too long.

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