Friday, March 09, 2007

Chucking out the old..bringing in the new.

Well, it's Sunday night and I am armed with a glass of wine, a few smokes, mild weather and a good attitude.

Thanks to all of you who commented again. I will use that information whenever someone calls again. We must be on every list in the world. The phone starts to ring the minute I get home until 9:00PM.

The pot roast in bubbling on the oven as we speak, along with baked taters, and a mixed veggie medley. Gord will be very happy. My extreme low cal dinners are getting him down. I have to realize if he doesn't get some normal food, his diet will fail. I have always cooked low fat etc. but after what happened I think I went a little berserk, and denied him EVERYTHING!! What's wrong with having a banana for supper? What do you mean you can't find any meat in your sandwich?...can't you see the two teaspoons of salmon I put on it underneath the head of lettuce and two pounds of tomatoes? If I keep doing this I will set him up for failure, so now I am going to relax a bit, and everything will be in moderation, not fear. We both have lost 10 lbs. since THE INCIDENT. I'm not ready to say the H.A. word yet. Last night we were talking, and he said he hasn't felt this well for years. So, the med's are working. We have a blood pressure monitor at home, and he takes it twice a day and we keep a running record and it has been "right on" all the time. So, that is comforting. I can sleep at night.

It is surprising how much this mild weather has made me relax a bit. And I thought I would hate the daylight savings time change, but I don't, it's nice to have a sunny house for a few more hours in the evening. I guess I will know just how much I love it tomorrow when I get up in the morning and it will still be dark..grrrrr.

I just realized I cut my King Ludwig story short. I'm betting you were are holding your breath waiting for the next episode heh...Luddy was a bit of a "douche magnet" as I found out later. He wasn't holding court with all those that had his best interests at heart. (I have typed douche in two entries in a row) I must be getting back to my ole self. Or balonie is lurking. I have decided he was a boring King, and I'm going to oust him from my blog kingdom and find someone who's moat I wouldn't mind crossing.

I've been having a bit a struggle with the new guy my boss hired in the office. I'm used to being the only person there when he is away, which is often. Now, I am dealing with a whiner who has been freshly separated with his wife and three children, who wants to TALK ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME! I MEAN ALL THE TIME. He is a forty year old man in child's clothing. I try to ignore him, when he sidles up to my desk and tries to get a conversation going that eventually leads it up to his problems. I don't want to be rude, but I don't want to get involved. I am sure my boss hired him because they go to the same church, and he felt sorry for him. He is a smart guy, but apparently not a smart husband, because she left him, and put a restraining order on him.

I feel bad for ignoring him because I know he has problems, but this is my workplace and got to get shit done. Yesterday he told me if my boss wouldn't have hired him, he probably would have killed himself by now.......... OMG I don't need this information I have enough to deal with at home.

I don't think he ever held a decent job in his life. He has been a student most of sorts most of his know the kind that just go to school so they don't have to work. His wife has been the bread winner with her own business. He has had a dozen mindless jobs and take the summers off to plant trees in British Colombia. He makes his own carrot juice......if he hasn't told me this a thousand times. He is a health food nut, but when the boss brings in donuts, he eats them all. Ahem.

Poor Penny has been ignored a bit in all the excitement these last few weeks. So, I tried to pay more attention to her today, just to make sure she is okay. I took her out for a walk, and had play time in the back yard between loads and loads of laundry that had been piling up. Plus, I made a batch of muffins ..from scratch. I'm not a good baker. They were low fat carrot cake muffins, and low and behold, they turned out to be very tasty. Let's just see if "Mikey" likes them.

Then I decided to clean out all the cabinets in the bathroom. I couldn't be stopped. I needed to clean up shit and throw out shit. I had a garbage bag of stuff after all was said and done. I must have had 30 bottles of shampoo and conditioner that had 1/2 a gram of product left in it, along with expired cold remedies, old mouthwash bottles that looked like someone spit back in it, and at least two different decorator soap, and toothbrush holders from the 80's. There was two dog bowls in there, from when my dog died in 2000. I guess I hid them out of view for some reason. I can't believe I kept all this crap. it wasn't dirty...just cluttered.

Then, the medicine cabinet. There was a bottle of Tylenol 3 sitting there with an expiration date of Nov. 1986. All the old med's get pushed to the back and the new one's went in front, I guess. What a slob. I found a package of hemorrhoid suppositories from 1999. I remember that year, it was painful. Maybe I was keeping all this stuff for posterity? It's like a scrapbook of our lives. There were 5 bottles of Visine. Ummm.. I have no recollection of having eyes problems. A can of some kind of Jock Itch stuff, with about 1/2 a spray left in it. 2 tubes of Polysporin that practically walked out by themselves. A jar of "Vicks" that had a fingerfull left in it. A package of mixed band aids, that only had the large band aids left in it, just in case you got stabbed in the middle of the night. I remember the last time I cut my finger, I had to wear this huge mother band aid till the bleeding stopped. Gawwwd I can't believe I have let things go for so long.

Then came the drawers. Makeup I haven't worn since the 80's were chucked. Dried out mascara, lipstick, old everything. Gone. I feel good, a new start. I already did my closets last week, you would not believe the clothes I have kept. Yes, some were hippyish.

I'm going to start on the basement next week. Then I am going to get the house painted. I just feel this need to get rid of all the old and start fresh.

It takes AN INCIDENT to wake you up.

Have a great week.

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