Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I published a post yesterday, and it's nowhere to be seen.

Who took it?

Was I drunk?...I don't think so. Maybe I was, because I can't remember what I wrote! Yes, I remember, and I woke up this morning thinking it was a little smutty. Sometimes the smutbucket in me is hard to contain.

Nothing is going right here, well I shouldn't say that so fast because I was so tired of my fish tank, ...so my last fish has met his maker. All is left to do is to "fish" him out of the tank and put him to rest. An era is finally over. I loves dem fishies guys, but the last ten years have become strained, when some of them got so got so big I was scared of them. The maintenance, and constant monitoring is something I will not miss. But I will miss this little last guy, he was surviour.

I finally got out into the back 40 today. With my big barn boots on. What a mess. I found a place to play with Penny that was not frought with dog shit, broken tree branches, standing water and general gunkeness. Penny was finally happy I could manage the outdoors without doing a faceplant in a snowbank, and we played till she dropped. She almost fell in the pond. I forgot it was there because it was still covered with snow, but melted underneath. Once I saw the stones surrounding it I realized..opps we don't wanna go there. We are getting the maintenace company from our shop to clean it all up this year. I will just sit back at the patio table on the deck, with my laptop and a nice crisp glass of white wine and watch.

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