Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The geese have returned........

All is well. maybe not, so have the crows. You know, if I hear one more of those sumabitches "cawing" on my tree outside on the deck, I'm going to buy a pistol. And not one of those that has a flag popping out when you pull the trigger. I'm buying me a heavy duty machine gun. I know, we have gun controls in Canada, but who would miss a crow? rat a tat tat.

I know what I did last spring is going to come and bite me on my ass. I saved a nest of almost full grown crow babies from dying. Something must have happened to the crowmother, and then the crowfather was in charge. As it is with most men, he was totally useless without crowmother. All he did was "caw" for her over...and over again... saying .."bring the kids some food, clean up the nest you pig, and give me some lovin tonight". Crowmother, probably had a restraining order against him, because he took off the next day, and left the fledglings on their own. And she probably flew to Florida, to find herself a rich sugar daddy crow. Maternal instincts are not present in all of our fine feathered friends.

So, I started feeding them dog food. They could fly from the tree the the fence, and everyday I would put out dry dog food on the the ledge of the fence, and everyday it would be gone when I got home!! And at night they would be back in the nest, crying for crowmother and crowshitheaddad. I sat on the deck many a night talking to them, and trying to console them, and some them actually, flew into the tree directly by the deck to listen to me. I did that for a few weeks, and finally they took off by themselves. Actually crows are very smart. I think I mentioned this way back...that Gord had a crow that they found abandoned when he was just a kid. He was the smartest little thing you ever saw. Too bad some lady in town didn't like him taking the clothes pins off her wash line and dropping her clothes in the mud!! He was mischievious!! He loved everything "silver" and hid all Gord's dad's tools in the shop in the rafters!! Joe, the crow!! He was cool.

So, I'm thinking most birds come back to where they were born to nest, and maybe I'll see those loud mouth buggers again. Maybe they will remember me. I was sort of a mother figure. heh..

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