Monday, March 26, 2007

The worst is over

You see, the water is coming in the rec room from a cement wall that is right beside the garage and goes down to the lower level. It's hard to describe in a house like ours. When we took all the dry wall off we could see a fine crack coming from the garage right down to the basement. I fought Gord about opening the wall last year and this year, because it would wreck everything in the rec room. So, he thought all his efforts in sloping the patio etc. would alleviate most of the problems. It did not.

I cringed, when he started sawing the wall apart. OMG, because we want to sell the house in a year or so, and we aren't carpenters able to fix it by any means!! But, there it was plain as day, THE CRACK that has plagued us for so long. We did actually get some sleep last night. When he came home, he repatched the entire area, and we only got up twice to vac it out and spin dry the towels. It's not half as bad as it was last year, because we know where it's coming from and have done something to curb it.

So, I am going to phone our insurance agent tomorrow, to see if we are covered for this. Probably not, knowing insurance companies. A lot of the floor tiles have loosened and come apart, and now the wall is screwed. Last year our carpet in the main area was soaked, but we managed to save it, but this year it looks a little wilted from all the water last year. Who knows. It's not like we ever go down there, I can't stand to be in a room without windows, so I never made use of the area. We have some old crap down there, but I got rid most of it last year. It's pretty bare bones, especially when you never know what spring might bring.

Yesterday I wrote, we had a 3 level split, I meant a 4 level split. I can hardly walk today, from all the exercise, it felt like I had really good sex without the fun. Gord and I were up to our asses in cement filler..soooo it didn't happen. We had it in our face, hair, clothes, floor, dog and probably in our private parts... by the time we were finished. Everything was shut up tight. You can't be too careful, can you? Anyway I won't have a miracle baby, because I was cemented shut. Like we actually had the energy for that last night..heh...

I got to make one more trip down in the hole tonight before we go to bed, and we should be good until the morn.

I was bitchy last night, but I made a really good pot roast, now we are having stew, with a surprise! Let's see how "Mikey likes that?"...the surprise if is...guess?

Balonie...she is evil!

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