Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Fryday to you all.

You will hate me. But I don't give a hairy rat's ass.

I posted some good Bunny recipes on cooking with balonie and don't give me a hard time about linking or I will pull your pants down.

I spent the Good Fryday getting ready for Income Tax time. Oy. I made an Excel spreadsheet I am so very proud of. I even put in the formula by myself . Go me! I really don't like when people say "Go Me." strike that out yourself. ( because one time, and one time only I said I hate strike outs).. I have painted myself into a asshole corner. It's kind of cosy in here, no one bothers you because you are an assanoid. Not a typo.

I entered in a whole years worth of invoices (thousands) in 4 hours. I am very impressed with myself today. So, I just poured myself a half gallon of wine. After all, l I needed to self congratultory myself, because nobody else will. It's my own personal win! I did it, and I will never share the formula with the world, I will take it to my grave.

This weekend be prepared for a movie of my house with my new little camcorder. I want to show you bastards ummm...that was a little hard wasn't it... must be the wine talking... just how hard it is to live in a 4 level split at my age. Tomorrow, I will clean up the K-rap just so's you don't think I don't live in a dumpster. You will get a glimpse of our 1980's recliners and art work, whatever.... I can to make you uncomfortable with. The dog might be licking her ass. Gord might be wiping his...if I can get the shots. heh...

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