Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm getting too lazy

Or I have way to much other shit to do. My posting have been sporatic to say the least, but tearfully I say to you, nothing of interest has happened in my life. And that is a good thing. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop...know what I mean jellybean? Go have a look on my recipe site (on my sidebar) for some good fries...even tho they are oven baked I think they will be good. I was going to try them out tonight, but I had a shit pile of bookwork to do when I got home, so I made rice instead. I will try it out this weekend for AA hour and let's see if they like it.

I guesstimate is two more weeks before the thaw starts. I cannot wait. I wish someone would come over here and take a hammer to my head, when I used to say I loved winter. That stupid assine remark haunts me. I love it for a day...no maybe 4 days, then it can kiss my hairy rats ass.

I am too blonde. It happens. You probably thought you could never be blonde enough, well I'm here to tell you my hair looks like an old lady whose head got pushed down a well of peroxide. "Nice and Easy"....so they say. My first clue should have been that my "haid" was burning when I applied it. Yeah, like it was on fire. But gradually it simmered down, and I left it on for the required time for those who natural colour is ..fucking grey. My hair isn't really "grey" ... or is that gray? Gray seems so final. Anyway my hair has turned sort of white lately, and all I wanted was a "honey" colour. But, that didn't happen. I bought the wrong colour. I'm freaking "ho" blond. This weekend I will get another one to tone it down. God, you can see me in the dark!! It's not becoming. Men are not coming on to me on the streets loving my look. Some are running and putting on their sunglasses, because my hair is brighter than the god given sun. I swear. I thought men loved blonde's, but I guess I took it one step too far. Yeah... I always push the envelope. I hope it doesn't fall out..oy

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